Sofia dies at age 21 for fulminant meningitis


Sofia Panconi facebook fulminant meningitis

Sofia Panconi is a girl who died at age 21 in Castelfranco, in the province of Arezzo. According to what was learned, he was affected by the meningococcus type B compared with which it was not vaccinated. Instead, she was vaccinated for meningococcus type C. But let's review your story.

Girl dies of fulminant meningitis in less than 24 hours

According to what was rebuilt, it all started on Monday morning when the girl began to feel the fever at age 39. The family then called the doctor who suggested taking a medicine. antipyretic to lower the fever. In fact, during the day the fever subsided. The worst seemed to have passed. Unfortunately, the next day the girl woke up with spots on her legs.

At this moment the family decides to call the 118. Once transferred to the hospital, the examinations that doctors undergo show meningitis meningococcus type B The infection degenerated into sepsis, unfortunately caused his death within a few hours. Attempts were futile to save her from health care.

As always happens in these cases, prophylaxis for family, grandparents, uncles and friends is triggered. In addition, the USL Centro Company was also contacted because the girl worked in a restaurant in Figline Valdarno (Florence). The Community of Castelfranco joins the family in this moment so painful for the disappearance of the young woman.

Meningitis: Symptoms

O meningitis it is a infectious disease which causes inflammation of the membranes that surround the brain. This viral is quite common and causes flu-like symptoms. O bacterial menigites they are more serious. The most dangerous is Neisseria meningitidis. There are five serogroups: A, B, C, Y, W1 against which it is possible to be vaccinated.

In adults it manifests itself with the following characteristic signs: irritability, sensation of discomfort caused by light (photophobia), spasms, rash, stiff neck, vomiting, convulsions.


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