Sister Cristina leaves the talent of Milly Carlucci, that's why


Sister Cristina

Next Saturday Sister Cristina will not be present at Ballando with le Stelle 2019

The rumor circulated for days and had also been discussed in La vita in diretta with Francesca Fialdini and Tiberio Timperi. Now, however, the weekly Tv Smiles and Songs confirmed: next Saturday Sister Cristina will not be present in Dancing with the Stars 2019.

For what reason? Give April 20, the day before Holy passover, the nun will stay in the convent until Monday of Easter to pray together with the other nuns. So there will be no performance of Sister Cristina? Quiet, the authors of Rai Uno's talent and Milly Carlucci they thought of everything. The nun will dance the same. It is like? Your performance has already been recorded in the last days, then it will be broadcast during the episode and the jury can vote for it. A really curious case.

Sister Cristina criticized by enemies, Selvaggia Lucarelli defends her

Without a doubt Sister Cristina is one of the most discussed competitors of the 14th Dancing with the Stars. Many are called keyboard lions who, after each consultation, attack the nun on various social networks, but this time the jury intervened Wild Lucarelli Pick up your defenses with words that make us think a lot.

"I read about the incredible things about Sister Cristina's participation in social networks, like" Go back to the convent "," This is your place. "Maybe they are the same ones who are so scared of the burqa from other countries and then scandalized by a nun dancing and singing, "

said the blogger, defending his sister's presence on the Rai Uno program. Not even in the race supported by all members of the jury, such as Ivan Zazzaroni, however, the various insults of the accused remain unacceptable and unjustified hater. In practice, Selvaggia Lucarelli spoke of functional illiterates, of people who are women's rights advocates and then invite a sister to return to her. convent.

"Sister Cristina shows that the men and women of the church are far removed from the common imagination, often too intolerant." The contacts during the dance remain limited, even with the presence of the broom in the last episode, the steps were taken in that direction. Cristina and Stefano Oradei could book twists ",

the Dancing with the Stars 2019 jury concluded.


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