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«Should cos'ltro accede to Legale Medicine prima che il director Montisci venga rimosso?»

«Legal medicine must be a house of vetro, a transparent one that must tutelare tutti. This should be the result of the blow of the sospetto. The front of which is emerging from the time ormai, is tutto fuorché così. Piero Ruzzante, a regional consigliere, there is a return, with another colleghi, so as to question the possibility of suspending the precautionary exchange exchange with Professor Massimo Montisci, director of the Institute of Legal Medicine. 'The case of Tiveron is not the only case of his inquiry into the judiciary. With the story of his fake foresee due to the fact that it is a matter of course, very serious fact about it, it is the last episode of the manipulator of the pacemaker of the Cesare Tiveron. The central element of the average criticism and the diversity of the colleges is the difference between them and the potential for the death of the debacle, in this case if the dead city died under the macchina. Perché of the matter is talking, from the other altrimenti ».


«Montisci, director of the Institute of Legal Medicine – proceeds with the Rigante regional consigliere – guarding his capo, Domenico Mantoan, the capo of the toilet, surrounding the peasantry of the Tiveron muore prima dell'incidente. L'auto blu con aboard Mantoan invests l'uomo causing the death, Montisci volare to pass the tesi che was killed prima dell'impatto. The pacemaker's manomission, which can be troubled by his stoic scrivania, is based on the fact that the person venga rimossa immediately after the quell'incarico. I did not think of family, parent and conglomerate of the victim: How can I feel the forehead of the ominous behavior of his venom? »


One day from Padova Oggi, I had the evidence to question the governor on his question. Gli we abused the mandate as soon as, in the Region, non-sapere you think, but the grievous response of the governor is the state that negates the question in any political way, and so, «seen with the sleep of my procedure He is a believer in his inquiry, and he is a believer in the investigation of the faction of his Corsican, when the Governor does not answer that question, ”he said. As a matter of fact, we have rejected the opinion of a consigliere who invents the opposite claim, 'the policy c'entra eccome'. To the governor Luca Zaia, in fact, a year ago, precisely on the 16th of 2018, I warn you that there is a single victim. He warns with laughter, as witnesses to a video: «Fiducia in this magistrate, but of the city I intend to chiarezza, chever doverosa. Non giustizialista sleep non ci possess essere dubbi, chiarezza ci must essere ».


«Chiarezza ci vuole, eat at ?! – ironizza Ruzzante – Come on, mi chiedo io. Is this a question about the “Ippocrate billing” and invoking the same parliament? Of the same, if non più. And lui is anchored there to run Legale Medicine. Bisogna vere coraggio in politics, perché invokes Zaia non si fa sentire? Non si può always voltarsi dall'altra part. In question if I read the title I do, Danno gave cittadini. It decides its delicatissime as the legal medicine institute: pray and cause death, gli esami tossicologici and when it decides its question legate the use of sostanze. How much sleep does it cause the legality to neglect the effectiveness of legal medicine? Did I surrender the story of this story? Incomprensibile l'atteggiamento di Zaia ».


E 'un fiume em piena Ruzzante: «As if to make the right che non is a political question. How can Zaia say che non è affare suo? And 'affar his perché riguarda the capo della sanità veneta, Domenico Mantoan and another one of its dipendo ricopre a very important ruin ». It is inferred in her conversation with the consignee Ruzzling: 'The fact that the girl does not intervene on her question is per se inspiegabile. Suspending cautiously, all that was needed was the story of the cocaine. Anche quel behavior, "save" due persone, is stato inaccettabile. How else should he accede per rimuovere professor Montisci of quell'incarico? ' Poi aggiunge: "The doctor ankles his guardianship, he is troppo husband ormai."


"If any student uses the alleged guarantee for the difference in the indifferent, I think to the contrary, he will assure the mentorship of the Veneto with that personage – a testament to the Rifferent Rifferent Professor of the Mass."

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