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Scrap also for those who did not pay the October installment?

Dismantling of tax assessments

Scrap have: Good evening, in May 2018 I asked for and got an easy definition, with three installments in October, November and February the value of each folder is about 2,564.00 for me very high, so I did not pay the first installment in October , in the light of new events, can I get into the scrap yard? thank you

Issues that fall within the 2018 Facilitated Definition

Anyone charged to the collection agent between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2017, including those who have already signed up, can adhere to the new definition provided 2018:

  • the "first demolition" (facilitated definition provided for in Legislative Decree No. 193/2016) and expired due to the fact that it had not paid in full and in full the portions of the definition plan;
  • the "scrapping bis" (Facilitated definition provided by Legislative Decree No. 148/2017) only if all installments due in July, September and October 2018 are fully settled until December 7, 2018.

In fact, those who do not pay benefits due through Dec. 7 will no longer be able to join the 2018 Discount Settlement.


In order to enter, you must pay the installment from October until December 7, 2018. Then you can delay the payment in 10 installments in five years.

For all the information about Scrappage have, I suggest you read: Scrapping 2019, how to submit the form (form and instructions)

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