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"Sardines" against Matteo Salvini multiply in Emilia and throughout Italy, from Turin to Sorrento

After Bologna and Modena, the "sardines" take off. A movement that multiplies and swells by filling in the squares to oppose Matteo Salvini and his rhetoric, hate politics and League populism. Not just Emilia Romagna, where we voted in the region on January 26, but all over Italy. From Turin to Bari, the promoters, the four and thirty-year-olds who launched the flash mob in Bologna – low, peaceful, ironic, creative – invite those who want to get organized to check out the "Seimila sardinha" Facebook page. And here the first release is in Rimini, when Matteo Salvini will arrive on Sunday (already present today at the Sap congress) with regional candidate Lucia Borgonzoni to inaugurate the new headquarters of the League.

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A Salvini who dares "I'm going to the square with them," they say, "Well, let's give them a puffer fish." Rimini's appointment is at Pescheria Vecchia at 5 pm. "Salvini comes here – write Rimini's" sardines "- conveying the message that Romagna was adopted and that his rhetoric of insult and false promises translates into consent and approval everywhere. But the sardines have a head and little belly. They do not think like men. They do not need a commander. They need not shout and insult. They need a fishmonger, in fact, an old fishmonger! "

Tam tam runs fast.

The "sardines" are ready to land on Milan. THE Florence 40,000 people with the ictitic symbol are expected on Saturday, November 30, when the League leader will be at Tuscany Hall for a dinner with one thousand Carroccio militants to officially kick off the campaign for the spring 2020 regional elections in Tuscany. . And as has happened in Bologna and Modena, even in the capital of Tuscany, the 'sardines' take to the streets with the slogan "Tuscany doesn't care". From 18h30 is the indicated time of the event. The exact location of the event has not yet been chosen, the Piazza della Repubblica in the historic center is also assumed.

The 'Sardines' Initiative Florentine was launched on Facebook by Bernard Dika, 21, former Democratic Party millennials when the party secretary was Matteo Renzi. "No flags and smoke bombs, along with simple citizens for a non-caring Tuscany!" Wrote Dika, who appears among prosecutors along with Matilde Sparacino, Danilo Maglio and Cristiano Atticciati. Currently, the event organized on Facebook involves 25,208 people and 7,389 declare that they will attend. "Why can Salvini say that he will take Tuscany and we are all silent? We will meet in the square and come from all over Tuscany. To meet, to be together as a community beyond flags and parties. Without violence and hatred, no bombs or smoke stones. "

Turin launched the appeal and within two days the membership increased to twenty thousand. THE Reggio Emilia – where Salvini has been in the election campaign – the appointment is Saturday at 6:30 pm in Piazza Prampolini, opposite the town hall, in the heart of Reggio Emilia's historic center. To organize the event, a group of ten people, including Stefano Salsi, communicator by profession. "We felt the urge to take to the streets, even in Reggio, and reclaim our city. That was something that was missing for a long time. The goal is to be many, tight as sardines and all with a smile. Salvini has been to Reggio and there will be no Saturday? This is in our favor in a sense, because it means there is no strategy but simply the desire to be there. "

Seven thousand sardines in Modena square

The initiative – as usual – was launched on Facebook and within hours reached thousands of shares. With one rule: peaceful demonstration "not intended to offend or threaten anyone," prosecutors recall. "We will meet in the rain or the wind to remind everyone that Emilia is not what Matteo Salvini says – explain the organizers – that Emilia is not a land of hatred and racism, but a land of peace and brotherhood., Traditions and values. of the Resistance we have not forgotten. We young people from Reggio Emilia took to the streets to say no to that extreme in the name of what we believe. " Also in this case, among the requirements to participate, the request not to carry third party flags or symbols.


Address Book

Honor to the redeemed square sardines

THE Piacenza the Facebook group was born: "Is there anyone who wants to become a sardine? – the appeal – This page was created to start" fishing "after the big civil rally in Bologna. Let it start too …". THE Parma instead the flash mob will be Monday, November 25, at 7 pm, in Piazza Duomo.

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To say no to hating politics, the "sardine" page was also born Benevento: & # 39; AAA Sardine Sannite Cercasi & # 39; is the public group opened after flash mob in bologna. The idea came from Annachiara Palmieri and Elide Apice and so far has received the adhesion of about 320 people.

The boys who Sorrento they organized a flash mob upon arrival in the city of Matteo Salvini to formalize the adherence of the mayors of Sorrento and Positano to the League. "It will be a peaceful, non-partisan demonstration without flags." During the flash mob, participants will be asked to "exchange a book to give it to Salvini, who really needs it." The appointment is for Thursday at 10:30 am in Piazza Sant'Antonino in Sorrento, not far from the Circolo dei Forestieri, where the former Interior Minister is expected at 11am.

"Arcipelago delle Sardine" is the name of the group created in Apulia. For now, there are no flash-mobs in the forecast, but support for Emilia Romagna's "sardine" movement.

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