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Rome, stamps at San Lorenzo's New Film Palace, but activists fall

Stamps at the New Cinema Palace in the San Lorenzo district of Rome. The structure, occupied in 2011 by artists, citizens and students to avoid building a casino, was evicted this morning by order of the Rome Court of Appeal. The metal doors were welded early in the morning, but soon after 10 am activists broke the seals in another entrance and returned to the structure. A group of 150 people gathered in front of the building occupied in 2011 and in a dozen moved to Via degli Ausoni, forcing the lock on a side entrance covered by a blue cloth. Once inside, they opened the main entrance by breaking the seals.

"The bailiffs just closed the door on the left – says Nicoletta, 30, a Palazzo cinema activity – the main entrance was usable as usual and we entered." Activists from other social realities of the city, Esc, Acrobax, Lucha and Siesta, the popular football team of Atletico San Lorenzo, the Great Watermelon, the Socialist Homeland, immediately arrived. At noon, a large public meeting is scheduled. Stefano Fassina, local councilman, is also on site.

"We were also on the list of buildings to be vacated by Salvini – says Nicola, another occupant – indicated this place as a selling point, an absolute falsehood. We are one of the healthiest realities in the neighborhood. The seals were placed by the owner company Domus Aurea, who years ago had leased Camene's premises, activists are now awaiting a meeting with the property's lawyers, who in 2011 wanted to turn the building into a slot machine room, and said they would remain. in permanent garrison at Piazza dei Sanniti to demonstrate his opposition to the seals and the interruption of the process.

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Self-management started in 2011, supported, among others, by Marcello Fonte, Palm d'Or in Cannes, for Dogman was also one of the first on the Ministry of Interior's list of 22 buildings to be vacated in Rome. The experience, designed to prevent a casino from opening rather than a movie theater, is a point of reference for the neighborhood kids and beyond: in eight years, 320 concert singers and bands, 162 theater shows and workshops, 83 featured books , 204 screened films, over 80 children's events, 41 artistic residencies, various dance workshops on journalism and thousands of assemblies, meetings and debates.

Rome, stamps at Nuovo Cinema Palazzo: has been busy since 2011

In addition to being a cultural garrison, it is also a reference point for the ANPI, organizing awards, celebrations and events featuring supporters Mario Fiorentini and Tina Costa (who recently passed away), but historians like Alessandro Portelli and actors like Moni Ovadia.

From actress Sabina Guzzanti to dem Marco Miccoli, to action leader Andrea Alzetta, Nunzio D´Erme, thirteen people went to trial in 2017 for occupying the cultural space. Complaints began on December 12, 2011, when a large popular front rejected the first-time bailiffs to seal the building.

The first to sound the alarm was Guzzanti, who had requested reinforcements to his Twitter account. And immediately on the social forum and on the web, tam tam had started, with a succession of messages to avoid apprehension. The investigation into the crime of aggravated illegal occupation was triggered by a complaint lodged by Camene, the company that ran the facility with a lease of 15,000 euros a month. The property is privately owned. But the citizenship of San Lorenzo, named after the pacifist Vittorio Arrigoni, restored the neighborhood, turning these walls into a landmark cultural center for the entire city.

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