Sunday , November 29 2020

Rocky drug dog dies. The drug dealers' farewell letter: "Sorry"

VICENZA – "We will be criminals, drug dealers, criminals, but we also have feelings." So begins the farewell letter to Rocky, the German police drug minister in Thiene, in the Vicenza region, who has been joining drug-seeking agents for years: writing it anonymously after her death were people close to the drug environment.

Rocky drug dog dies. The farewell letter from dealers:

Rocky, a three-year-old German Shepherd, was "on duty" with the Northeast Vicentino and Upper Vicentino Police Consortium: he died a few days ago of a stomach upset, a syndrome quite common in medium to large dog breeds. The letter, issued by local police, was found yesterday morning in the old region of Nordera. It was an agent, shortly after seven, who found a note that made him jump near the command garage.

"A dog – you read – can have no fault and what happened to us is also a pity. Maybe you thought we'd opened a bottle, but it's not. Hello agents, good hunting. Hi, Rocky." But it is the "signature" that most impresses: next to the note was found a plastic bag with some pot, proof of the authenticity of the farewell message. Not only were Thiene's agents crying, but so were the men he hunted.

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