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Rescuing a lost during the holidays, he bites her: 24 years dies of rabies |


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Rome – A gesture of love and lightness cost the life of a girl on vacation: Birgitte Kallestad, a 24-year-old girlHe died after contracting the rage at the bite of a puppy he had rescued during a trip to the Philippines.

To tell the sad news is the family: «Birgitte found the dog during a scooter ride and put it in a basket and brought it home. He cleaned it, took care of it and, to his great joy, the puppy recovered. They played in the garden with the puppy. At one point the puppy began to nibble it like all the dogs do. He reached for his fingers.

The girl was immediately disinfected, but did not give importance to the eventAfter this contact, she returned home and resumed her work in the hospital. But after a few days the young woman began to feel ill, and admitted to intensive care in the hospital of Førde. But the disease was electrocuted and Birgitte died.

They were 200 years in Norway there were no deaths due to this disease which kills thousands of people every year, especially in Asia and Africa, where stray dogs are very common.

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