Puglia, the whole class is vaccinated against influenza to protect the immunosuppressed partner


all vaccinated to protect the immunosuppressed partner. The protagonist of this gesture is a first class of the secondary school "Sante Simone" in Conversano, Italy Puglia. The initiative was taken by the will of the guys who decided get vaccinated against the flu to protect the friend who for years fought against a serious illness.

A gesture that allowed her to attend school all year round without taking any chances. Without if and without, but in front of the problem the whole class made a clear decision that surprised even teachers and high school leadership. It was for them normal. The group went beyond the controversy "no vax" and "yes vax" and wanted to show only one face: the solidarity. "For us it was a natural gesturewe did with the heart, "explained one of the 25 boys. parents they have posed problems in the face of young people's willingness to protect their partner.

None of them thought of making a heroic gesture, but what they decided to do was appreciated by the school community and beyond. A tribute to the boys on Monday was Michele Emiliano who wanted to meet the high school class to thank them one by one for making this important decision. "I came to say thank you," said Emiliano, turning to them, "in the name of the whole Region of Apulia, 4,100,000 people that somehow I represent, because with a gesture, and without much noise, you did a great thing. This gesture of love and common sense is not an obvious or obvious fact and that is why I am here today. "

Emiliano praised the whole class: "There are other people who may need energy that you put in this gesture, and so now I expect a lot from you. In the sense that I would like this force to be used even outside the context of the school: the secret, which you have already discovered, is to be extremely solidarity between you. Because every time someone will commit a error, others will be able to remove it, they can to save. Whenever someone has a moment when they will lose faith in the institutionsin humanity, others can return it to him. And since these energies are not easy to find, because humankind gets depressed and easily discouraged: where you see and find, instead, that force that keeps people together, then you have to start invest". one touching meeting and significant that the boys did not expect. A warning also came from institutions who, having learned from the choice of these boys, could not fail to show his closeness and esteem by a gesture that could not have gone unnoticed.


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