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PS3, release delayed by a small five-cent component


Phil Harrison, now executive responsible for Google Stadia, but previously involved in the front line with the PS3 release with Sony and later with Xbox One at Microsoft, revealed an interesting story about the famous and fateful postponement of the launch of the PS3 in the market.

The launch of the PS3 was marked by a number of problems and errors on the part of Sony that invalidated its market launch, such as the decidedly high price and the high price. release date of in remarkable delay compared to the competition, even though the console has reached 87 million units in the world.

While Xbox 360 was available all over the West in late fall 2005, the PS3 was able to hit the market just a year later in the US and Japan and even in spring 2007 in Europe. All this delay, Harrison said, depended largely on an individual's shortage of supplies. hardware component console, apparently insignificant.

It was small diodeworth it 5 cents but fundamental to the operation of the entire PS3: this component was indeed indispensable for the reader Blu ray, a central element of Sony's console hardware at the time.

To reveal that, after more than ten years, it's exactly the same as IGN's Phil Harrison, who at the time was a top Sony executive and who may be relieved today to launch a streaming service like Google. Stadia , which counts little on large-scale hardware production, given the precedents.

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