PiazzaPulita, Nicola Zingaretti kamikaze on immigrants: "Open Doors", aims 4%?


Among the guests of PiazzaPulita, the Thursday night talk show on La7 conducted by Corrado Formiglihere comes the check Nicola Zingaretti, the secretary of a Pd who after the post-primary barrels is literally collapsing in the surveys, week after week, returning very close to the quota of consents collected in Political Elections 2018. And to understand the reasons for such a decline is enough to hear Zingaretti's proposals on the subject of immigration. There was talk of Matteo Salvini, of its line of doors closed and still more closed these days, the Libyan crisis and the emergence of migration that could result. Well, Zingaretti insists on his "courage to say open doorsAnd again, the secretary of the Pd adds: "I will have the courage to give Italy a law that regulates immigration, abolishing Bossi-Fini." Nothing to complain about courage: Zingaretti has a lot to sell, insisting on a time like this on an unpopular point like few others. How much more will you lose in polls after that stance?

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