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Pescara the sculptor and painter Ettore Spalletti died

Dramatic news for the art world: Ettore Spalletti died tonight at his home in Spoltore, Pescara province. The well-known Italian painter and sculptor, an internationally renowned artist, was 79 years old. He was born in Cappelle sul Tavo. A very serious loss to the art world that came a few hours after the death of another great figure: gallery owner Cesare Manzo.

Who was the sculptor Ettore Spalletti

As Treccani recalls in his artist biography, Spalletti participated in set design courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and, in the 1960s, devoted himself to "a Gestalt research based on overlapping straight lines and undulating rhythms, on variations of color and light in a harmonious transition of shades: Curve 32 (Structure), acrylic on wood (1966, Turin, Gallery of Modern Art), then S. developed structures of wood, marble or metal of essential shapes, whose monochrome apparent a pictorial dexterity of overlapping and worn layers, a color imbued with matter and light, in harmonious interrelation with the surrounding space. Spalletti's works have been presented around the world: at the Documenta de Kassel (1982, 1992), the Venice Biennale (1982, 1993, 1995, 1997) and at personal exhibitions in Paris (Musée d & # 39; art moderne de la Ville) of Paris, 1991), New York (Osmosis, SR Guggenheim Museum, 1993, with Haim Steinbach), Antwerp (Museum van Hedendaages Kunst, 1995), Strasbourg (Salle des fêtes, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, 1998-99 ), Naples (Capodimonte National Museum, 1999), Leeds (Henry Moore Foundation, 2005). Five years ago, the fullest retrospective of the artist's work, entitled A Day So White, So White, was set up in a museum circuit formed by the MAXXI of Rome, the GAM of Turin and the Madre Museum of Naples.

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