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Good afternoon, and welcome to LIVE LIVE for the second leg of the FIBA ​​2018-2019 European Cup between s.Oliver Würzburg and Dinamo Sassari.

Starting from 89-84 in favor of Gianmarco's men Pozzecco has matured in the first stage: a five-point advantage that will be defended in an arena that no one can breach, from a European perspective, since October last year. Only once did the Bavarians have to make up for a draw at the end of the first leg: in the quarter-finals against Bakken Bears, they lost a point (76-75) in Denmark in Aarhus only to reverse the situation between the walls. girlfriends Dinamo, on the other hand, always kept the margin obtained in the first leg, although in the second round, against the Turks of Pinar Karsikaya, for half the game, he risked devouring the rest of the European day.

The return game between s.Oliver Würzburg and Dinamo Sassari will start this afternoon with a two-ball match at 17. Have fun with OA Sport LIVE LIVE! (Credit: Ciamillo)


Our LIVE LIVE closes here, thanks for following us and having a good night with OA Sport.

ABOUT! Sassari beat Würzburg 81-79 and proclaims himself the FIBA ​​Europe Cup 2019 champion, a major triumph for the Sardinians, following last year's Venice success in the derby against Avellino.

79-81 The triple of Bowlin is spit of iron, an end to the race!

79-81 Smith is lucid and puts success in the safe!

79-79 Koch puts in two free, only 24 "at the end and the time limit of the Dinamo.

77-79 Spissu's spectacular steal which is then sent to the frame and creates a free.

77-78 55 "at the end, the finish line is approaching Sassari.

77-78 Wells is 1/2 for the free, less than 2 minutes for the final!

76-78 Wells penetration, Pierre responds immediately.

74-76 Thomas left alone in the area that he just has to lean over the table.

74-74 1/2 of Morrison's line.

73-74 Pozzecco takes a time limit of 3 & # 39; 26 "at the end!

73-74 POLISH ALLEY – OOP! Bella, Smith's elevator to the blue.

73-72 Oliver's winning cut in the garage exit.

71-72 Bowlin holding three points.

68-72 POLICE AND TAP-IN REPAIR! Fly Sassari on the wings of enthusiasm.

68-70 THOMAS YET! Two more US goals, time limit for the Germans to 7 & # 39; 26 "from the end.

68-68 Thomas signs the same pitch.

68-66 Triple with plenty of room for Bowlin.



65-64 The third period ends with McGee's basket after a splendid play in Thomas' traffic.

65-62 Wells's play was disheartening.

63-62 DEAR THREE! Dynamo reacts promptly.

63-59 Triple corner with an infinite amount of space for Bowlin.

60-59 A very low shot that fell to the center of the Gentile area!

60-57 1/2 for the free for Wells.

59-57 Still Pierre to drag the Italians to two lengths of opponents.

Thomas responds to the same coin.

59-53 Wells cuts Sardinian defense with quick penetration.

57-53 Offensive thrust and touch of a wild Pierre! Sassari is back, timeout for the Germans to 3 & # 39; 35 "from the end of the fourth.

57-51 Throwing falling very hard perceived by McGee.

57-49 Very important three-point play by Pierre!

57-46 Olaseni needs the bevel.

55-46 Winning Olaseni's cut, the Bavarians try to stretch.

53-46 Cooks scores from a foul, but the three-point play is missing.

51-46 Cooks loses the first free, scores the second.

50-46 winning McGee penetration.

50-44 cooks hook up on a tour by Wells.

48-44 Triple passing over a block of Smith.

48-41 Morrison, trapped in the middle, defends himself with his body and then leans on the iron.


46-41 With a steal from Pierre, a very entertaining first part ends. Equality in the calculation of the two matches when there are only two quarters left to play, a great battle is expected.

46-41 McGee notices the two free ones available.

46-39 Layer Oliver continues the tug of war between the two teams.

44-39 Pierre makes good at the center and beats the defender.

44-37 Smith responds with a basket away.

44-35 Fantastic penetration of Wells that supports two easy.

42-35 I need the Smith frame.

42-33 Triple by Koch, well found by the usual Wells.

39-33 Cooley's layup brings the Italians back, the hosts stop the stopwatch when there are 2 & # 39; 34 ".

39-31 Bravo to hold the pin and lean against the Polonara table.

39-29 Detained in the center of the Wells area, the Sardinian defense can not contain it.

37-29 Pierre sent to the panel only makes a basket.

37-28 Triple with very little Bowlin pace, the Germans are getting into everything.

34-28 Bowlin slides well into the Sardinian defense and leans on the scoreboard, the time limit for Dynamo.

32-28 Wells dribble, trap and shoot.

30-28 1/2 free for the Carter.

30-27 The great elevator of Wells to the burial of Morrison.

28-27 Thomas explodes the defender with a feint and leans on the iron, timeout for the Germans.

28-25 Spissu makes good use of one block and shoots three!

28-22 Koch mid-range offensive rebound and basket.

26-22 Excellent triple of the song of the gentiles.


26-19 In the wrong photo of Thomas, the first fraction closes.

26-19 The first basket of Olaseni, then the triple bonfire of Bowlin for the Bavarians.

21-19 Pierre Layup using Smith's help.

21-17 Pierre sent in the ring is 1/2.

21-16 Thomas scores on the approach.

21-14 The Germans extend the baskets of Wells and Olaseni, an interval called by Pozzecco.

17-14 Pierre's master pin tour.

17-12 Three free goals for Oliver.

14-12 Penetration of Pierre, 5 minutes at the end of the room.

14-10 Shooting away from Wess.

12-10 Morrison's Dunk caught in the middle.

10-10 McGee invents a large basket in traffic.

10-8 This time Smith is missing a free.

10-7 Oliver is 2/2 free.

8-7 Cooley low and semi-drop post.

8-5 I need the Smith frame.

8-3 Triple also by Oliver.

5-3 Answer from three Smith.

5-0 Move away from Bowlin's bow.

2-0 Increase for Morrison who closes the action with a great bully.


16:59 The Wurzburger s.Oliver Arena is a pit, but the Sardinian fans in Germany are not missing either.

16:55 Five minutes left for the two-player ball, the basketball players are warming up.

16:50 Some photos of Italians warming up

16:45 In the first round, Dynamo was drawn by a spectacular performance by Rashawn Thomas and an excellent contribution, especially in the final, by Marco Spissu and Achille Polonara. The same dedication will be required to bring the trophy back to Italy.

16:40 The Sardines must defend the margin of 5 points obtained in friendly soil. In case the Germans win exactly 5 stages, overtime will be disputed to decide the winner of the competition.

16:35 Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE Würzburg-Dinamo Sassari text, return of the final of the European Cup.

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