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Pension, TFS Car tax, Competition, Balance and contract, Tax code, Currencies …


Revision of November 18, 2019, today: Competition and work; TFS; Citizenship income; Increased pensions; December 153 bonus for retirees; Balance and stretch; Tax peace and demolition; Application fee, cancellation of rental agreement; Receipt certification; Unpaid car tax; Attachment of current account; all the news of the day.

Cesvi Competition

Cesvi, a well-known Italian humanitarian organization, is looking for a point-of-sale coordinator throughout Italy. The coordinator will take care of store administration, voluntary recruitment and gift packaging. The working period will be between December 1st and 24th. See how to apply for this job offer. Read the news here: Job Offers: Cesvi Looking for Point of Sale Coordinators

Work and tasks

The employer may assign the employee tasks higher than his / her level and, in some cases, may request automatic promotion. Let's see what they are: Work: Higher tasks and automatic promotion when you are entitled?


Reader protests keep coming in the advance of TFS not yet activated and there is no certainty in the next activation dates. This should start in conjunction with the Early Retirement Quota 100. Pensioners were awaiting the ABI agreement, the Ministry of Labor and the INPS. There is no news that the measure is paralyzed. As promised, we give our readers a voice by publishing all protests coming through our communication channels. Read reader protests: TFS after 6 years, a life dedicated to work and only broken promises

Citizenship Income

It may be that once the application for citizenship income is accepted, the family unit will vary due to new births, deaths or family members who change their residence. How should you behave in this case? When should a new demand for citizenship income be produced and when, on the contrary, is it sufficient to update the previous one? Let's see what the relevant legislation provides. Read the news here: Citizenship income and family unit changes: When should a new application be submitted?

Pension increase by 2020

From 1 January 2020, the amount of pensions will be adjusted to the cost of living. The pension amount is not fixed forever and over the years changes based on periodic revaluation based on price increase. These adjustments are intended to prevent retirees from losing their purchasing power. Read the news here: 2020 increases pensions: how much and for what services

Bonus 154 euros in December for retirees

In December, retirees expect a bonus above the thirteenth, which increases the check by another 154 euros, which are also paid in conjunction with the thirteenth. But let's see what it is and who is entitled to it. Read the news here: Pension December 2019: 154 euros bonus, here for those

Stamp Duty on Records

The stamp duty on accounting records has changed over time. As of June 30, 2019, it is no longer necessary to digitally print or archive each account record, provided that, upon access, inspection or verification, they are updated on electronic systems and printed at the request of the supervisory bodies and in their presence. Read the full story here: Stamp duty on accounting records, always with some records overdue

Balance and stretch

The legislation governed by Law no. 145/2018, provides for the "Balance and Excerpt" of tax assessments, ie a reduction of amounts due, for taxpayers in serious and proven economic difficulties. The facilitation concerns only individuals and certain types of debt owed to the Billing Agent entrusted from January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2017. Let's look at one of our readers' question: Balance and Excerpt of Contributions from INPS, why Agency tells me they don't fit in?

Scrap Collection

A reader asking for clarification on the demolition installment due: Hi, I was wondering if it is true that the demolition installment is due on 11/30 and payable on 12/9, thanks. Let's take a look at what the law provides: Cancellation of assessments: November 30 deadline postponed to December 9

Unpaid Car Tax

Historic cars can benefit from the 50% car tax rebate. The car must have a record age, including the tare of 20 and 29 years, in order to benefit from the facilitation must be in possession of the certificate that assigns historical relevance based on art. 4 of the decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the notation of the recognition of historicity in Civil Motorization in the Circulation Card. Read the news here: Unpaid Car Tax, Can You Access Peace Tax?

Receipt Certification

Certification of Receipts, Revenue Agency, with response to interpellation n. 486, of November 14, 2019, identified the methods of
certification of fees for services provided by restaurants and hotels. In particular, hotel and restaurant services must be certified with a business document, unless an express invoice is requested, when the purchase is made directly from the
customer who benefited from the service. Read the full story: Receipt Certification, the new Revenue Agency procedure

Mold & Moist Rental Cancellation Agreement

In the event that an apartment was rented, it initially looked like a bargain and in excellent condition, but over time stains of moisture appeared on the ceiling until they came to an unsustainable and unhealthy situation. Can you request a contract withdrawal for these reasons if the owner is not interested in the repair despite your ongoing reminders? Let's see what the judges decided with sentence no. 29329/2019 of Cassation. Read the news: Mold and moisture cancellation contract, can you?

Current Account Attachment

For a zero balance checking account, can I continue with the attachment? Should this be done? It is conceivable that it is useless to continue with the current account attachment when it is red. Read the news here: Foreclosure: Is It Possible In A Checking Account In Red?

Coins and value

To provide global information on the value of currencies and curiosities on the subject, in this article we deal with the value of 50 cents 2007, a coin that represents a kind of mystery to the world of numismatics, we try to understand why. Read the full story here: Rare Coins: The 2007 50 Cent Mystery

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