Paul Fox Horoscope Wednesday, March 27, 2019, Day Forecast for All Signs


ARIES March 20, April 20LOVE: routine of a couple marked by the rhythms of everyday life, but not overcome by boredom. With lonely hearts, suddenly you will feel a beautiful person you have known for some time: to win will be the desire to meet again. JOB: clear separation between his professional ambitions and contingent reality. An upgrade to foreign languages ​​would not hurt. Space for creativity in organizing a corporate event. Property problem to be managed with determination. CHEERS: If you are surrounded by cold people, remember that infection is avoided by washing your hands frequently and well. Memories and actions of the past undermine emotional balance. Look at them in the right light without feeling too guilty. Good work, Mars calls for action. Drink a glass of kefir water, an ally of the bowel and immune system.

TORO – April 21, May 21 LOVE: very intense life for two and good news come to increase complicity. Bitterness in the attitude of a loved one who has suddenly turned his back on you. Singles, in the dating phase, they do not stand out for originality. JOB: excellent professional project, but without funds nothing is done about it.
For now, put a rock on it. With wisdom and reassurance, you will be able to handle a delicate issue that colleagues' considered insoluble. Small win in the game. CHEERS: with the spring on the sill do you feel the need to get back into shape? Doing long walks is a good start. Energy to sell and mood to the stars. Entrepreneur and confident, you can solve a difficult problem that has been delayed for some time. To clean the air of the allergens, prepare a hydro-alcoholic mixture with saro, eucalyptus and tea tree oil, to be sprayed at home.

GEMINI 22 May 21LOVE: instead of closing in a useless silence, accept the confrontation with your soul mate and demonstrate your superiority. Children intolerant of their complaints. Do not be distracted by ephemeral invitations that will only divert you. JOB: Ambitious but still smoky projects that require assembly. Thanks to the intervention of a reliable and collaborative colleague, a boring task can become enjoyable. In negotiations, use your speaking skills. CHEERS: Liver Stressed by a Wrong Diet Take care of the air you breathe at home. Rash judgments and hasty actions can create disagreements in love. Recover your lucidity and listen to an external opinion before you act. At work, a project takes over. Against perspiration, try a phytocosmetics based on witch hazel extract.

CANCER June 22, July 22LOVE: complicity with the partner is at maximum levels and this week for you the deal is firing. The force of feelings leads you to do important projects. Welcome surprises to the singles waiting for Cupid. JOB: you have the protection of Jupiter and, in addition to some temporary difficulties to overcome, you have good and prestigious opportunities to be explored at best and quickly. Probable monetary income for those who have made brave investments for some time. CHEERS: it's the ideal time to make "smart" choices that help your physical and mental well-being. You feel energetic and motivated: you can put projects in progress, make risky, but winning choices. Nice atmosphere in love and family. For the feet, against calluses and calluses, frequent foot baths using celandine juice.

LION 23 July 22ndLOVE: if your union is already very stable, you need not fear the stormy air caused by transits that are not very positive. If, on the contrary, the couple already has some problem of misunderstanding, there can also be serious arguments. Unhappy and angry, single people do not expect anything but Cupid's help. JOB: the desire to excel is not lacking, but to achieve your goals and excel you will have to know how to wait. Possible surprises: do not get caught unprepared. CHEERS: Physical strength is fluctuating due to a massive dose of impulsivity and nervousness. You have to make sure you have some regeneration breaks, it's still not the time to collect what you have sown, but enjoy this stand-by phase to reflect. If you are subject to seasonal allergies, try taking a pulsatilla supplement, useful for sinus and conjunctivitis.

VIRGIN 23 August 22 SeptemberLOVE: the soul mate is too loyal and, although he does not share his ideas, he will assume his defense. Ask to be clarified immediately with the children. Lonely hearts want to organize a short trip abroad to make new friends. JOB: Now it's up to you to solve a professional problem to which you have given little weight in the past. Those who have their own business should increase the online visibility of their business. Colleague in search of support: it will be you who encourages him. CHEERS: the swimsuit test is still a little far, but to prepare for the fateful moment it is also advisable to do some exercise. Starting with contradictory stars, you get carried away by easy enthusiasm or unmotivated doubts, especially in affections. Procrastin. For tired eyes, boil a tablespoon of parsley in a glass of water and use the mixture to compress.

BALANCE September 23, October 22LOVE: The partner compatibility rate is too high. That is why you see in your beloved your point of reference. What is the reason to grumble about your status as a single person and then despise the applicants' invitations? JOB: put dedication, intuition and creativity in what you do, work without paying attention to the clock and your altruism will lead you to help colleagues. For those who have their own business, excessive rhythms compensated by excellent income. CHEERS: Feeling tired and heavy. Choose shoes that are comfortable and do not have narrow fingers. A chance encounter can be a stroke of luck: eyes open, every detail can be helpful. Work and self-realization at the top. If you suffer from gastric acid, drink a pear and fennel centrifuge one hour before meals.

SCORPIO 23 October 22 NovemberLOVE: romanticism in sight for lasting love. Those who are experiencing a love of newborn are enthusiastic to discover that they share the same aspirations as their partner. Lonely hearts await the right person: wisdom will be rewarded. JOB: small but important satisfaction in seeing their commitment finally recognized. A chat with a colleague makes the work day much more enjoyable. Intelligent money management. CHEERS: Eat with gusto and joy, but also think about your well-being, banning the forbidden ingredients from the table. You'd just like to have fun, but since you can not ignore a few appointments, you'll be able to make even the most boring task enjoyable. Start the day with determination: try the golden milk. It is prepared with vegetable milk, saffron and a pinch of pepper.

SAGITTARIUS November 23 December 21LOVE: Incredible feeling intensity. This can be understood from the energy and time dedicated to the loved one. Singles, leave that episode behind you that is a source of embarrassment and that can affect your choices of love. JOB: The business partner changes his mind at the last moment, leaving you stunned. Great tricks for marketers who need to make the store more welcoming. Small IT setback that will put a strain on your self-control. CHEERS: just a little moisture to feel the sore throat. A glass of hot milk and honey gives relief. What a stress! One pulls you to the right, one to the left … you stand between two fires. Cut out spaces to regenerate, cultivating your hobbies. The aqueous extract of Hericium erinaceus, a medicinal mushroom, can help you against gastritis.

CAPRICORN December 22 January 20LOVE: magical moments in pairs thanks to the newly discovered complicity and much romance. A little anxiety comes over you, thinking about the need for autonomy for your teenagers. Expressing a person's feelings embarrasses lonely hearts, but his reluctance can be confused with antipathy! JOB: brilliant idea to develop calmly. Traders and restaurant owners, consider hiring other employees. Those seeking an occupation will find the courage to be seriously involved. CHEERS: everything becomes much easier if you are able to see the positive side of life. Simple knowledge may prove important to relive the fate of a compromised situation. Fine business and leisure travel. To burn the skin in case of acne or dermatitis, try a phytocosmetics based on Potentilla erecta.

AQUARIUM January 21, February 19LOVE: couple bond made even more solid by a gesture of the beloved, which will confirm what she cares about you. In the center of attention the relationship with teenage children. Friendship group in expansion for those seeking love. JOB: Excellent communication skills that will advance your career. You will be able to buy something at the best market price. For those who want to start their own business: In the beginning the gains will be below expectations. CHEERS: for immediate relief against stretched hands and cold feet and move your fingers to reactivate blood circulation. Love does not involve you very much, you prefer to move within the limits of a beautiful friendship. Super time to deal with psychophysical problems. It purifies the liver from the winter waste that has just ended with the gemmoderiv derived from hazelnut.

FISH February 20 March 19LOVE: the soul mate is ready to decipher the many enigmatic messages cast by his gaze. A more tolerant and open view towards an egocentric relative. There is a person who attracts lonely hearts: if you listen to instinct, you certainly will not be wrong. JOB: great professional projects, but still everything to be defined. Something does not convince him of the interlocutor in business: better to leave with diplomacy. A difficult task to live with an irascible colleague. Reserved economies are not untouchable as long as they are well spent! CHEERS: a warm and fragrant bath melts muscular tension … A week in pleasant company of Venus in the sign: you can give a touch of enamel to worn affective relations and decide, after reflection, between friendship and love. For a delicious and moisturizing dessert: strawberries, low in calories and rich in fiber and minerals.


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