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Paratic Confessions

Awarded best director, Fabio Paratici, on the sidelines of the Manlio Scopigno Award, answers a number of questions and, in a sense, sheds light on Juve's situations.

Ronaldo scored the 700th goal for the bianconeri but it's not a simtocca and for Fabio Paratici he won't move from Torin: "If he leaves Juventus in a year? Absolutely not, now he's very focused on achieving his goals, so I don't think he can leave neither at the end of the season nor later. We are very happy with him and him at Juve.

Paratici defends purchases from Adrien Rabiot, who at this stage played little and protests can find room: "Let's take a break, it comes from a long period of inactivity." The Frenchman is playing less than he expected, but Juventus believes in him a lot and is therefore not touched.

The same goes for De Ligt: "Insertion problems? Even Pavel, when we speak, reminds me that he didn't feel like moving from Lazio to Juventus in the early months, but Matthijs will give us great satisfaction."

The Dutch enjoy maximum support from Juventus and do not play.

MARKET – Who will be touched is Mario Mandzukic: "We chose to make him comfortable for a period because there was a possibility of a transfer to Qatar. Now we will decide together the best situation." To understand if it will be Manchester United in January or not.

If in Rakitic, in January, the door is closed: "No, the rose is full and it is one of the best in Europe, we are happy with our players", who will soon be able to renew it are Cuadrado and Matuidi: "We are working, We talk to your agents, we are very positive. " A new quarterback in January? I would say no. "

All this remembering that in the Champions League everyone plays with 22 to 23 players and that the number of players on the Juventus team is the lowest in recent years.

Paratici wants to confirm at the top and with him Juventus, at the moment the choices are right and hope they can be until the end.

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