Paolo Fox's horoscope today Tuesday, March 26, 2019, forecast signal by signal


For the lion, good confirmations come to work SITUATION ASTRAL: the Sun's transit continues in Aries, while Venus enters Pisces. Those born in these days will be ambitious, tenacious and capable of facing great work commitments; they will also be endowed with artistic talent and deep sensitivity O SIGNALS MORE& # 39; LUCKY: water signs are favored; Pisces can count on a week of recovery; Cancer is stronger and can solve a work problem; Scorpio is ready to love Can& # 39; TO HAPPEN WHAT: there is too much tension for the Virgin; Libra does not feel at ease; Capricorn continues to be stubborn in situations difficult to untangle quickly.

Today's horoscopes Aries, Gemini, Taurus and Cancer

ARIES love The sun has begun traffic in its sign and Venus will soon reach it. From now on, all projects will have to be strengthened. You can skip useless stories and experience good news. Let yourself be carried away by a rediscovered love, even if work takes over and leaves little room for feelings. Jobs A project takes off, a program you are trying to launch, after so many difficulties, will arrive at the port. A stroke of luck in a few months is not excluded. Business in small purchases also to do on the Internet. Fortune Interesting week in general, where contacts are favored. Good insights over the weekend. Since the beginning of April, Venus returns to the brand and the music changes. The weather increases again and if you recently had a problem with your partner, now you want to think. Spring break for singles, with encounters favored above all from 7 to 9. Eyes wide open, for this sky can give you a person with whom to build a new maturity of the heart, especially if it is the sign of the Virgo or Taurus. Because if you had not understood, now you are serious and want to build a real relationship. For some, the idea of ​​changing homes becomes more present, there is an air of renewal and who knows, couples do not talk about marriage.

TOROlove The week is born with some perplexity. You've been looking for the key to the problem for a long time. There are those who have been in pairs for some time and are bored, and there are those who are proposing their hearts to someone without having answers. If you live new stories, wait before you throw it all away: Venus starts a better transit from next week. Jobs Great horoscope, confirmations can arrive. Uranus, a planet that has recently found its sign, has no limits and you are no longer as cautious as before. Just from the economic point of view, there is something to be reviewed. Fortune Interesting week in the middle: some doubts remain and it is best not to take the longer leg step Prelude to important evolutions of love, March has a reflexive and regenerative taste for you. Anything born as banal knowledge or careless friendship may actually contain the germ of a new "beginning." For singles, it's important to catch the waves this spring without letting the mistrust interfere: next month, something big can happen. Those who have gone through the separation take their part, but from now on it is imperative to think about the past. Peak of nervousness around 18.

GEMINIlove There was a great torment in his heart. I hope the afflictions experienced in January will not return. You're probably avoiding confrontation so you do not get angry. Words must be measured in the days of the beginning of the week, which can bring internal torments. Some discomfort for family members, who do not understand. Jobs Stress is strong and you probably have to swallow a frog. You have experienced complex situations, sudden exits, changes of employment, even recent ones, that have not changed the situation. Fortune Some minor complications. You are not going through a difficult situation, but caution is needed. Difficult to agree with the partner, at least until the beginning of April. Saturn is no longer scary, but this first part of the year may be affected by some old economic problems. A choice or transfer may require a rethink of the couple's dynamics. From 6 Venus returns in favor: even the greatest things are built one step at a time.

CANCERlove Venus Fortune in this sky, which promises success for both contacts and projects. Do not feed disagreements, even if you get out of a crisis or belated reflection. You should arrange a trip, or something nice, next to the person you love. Do your best to find serenity: you are entitled to this. Emotions are worth twice as much. Jobs Better days come, in which you can solve some problems and feel stronger. Beginning on Wednesday, a phase of force begins that can finally bring order to certain practices that have remained pending. Fortune This week can give you more energy and put your feelings back into play. With Venus and Mars in a dissonant position, April can not give you the certainties and guarantees you want. Some new friendships for the moment can not be validated as new loves: you may feel angry or confused about having problems with a busy or complicated person. Private phase also for elderly couples, especially if there is a crisis that hangs in the air. This is the year that Cancer wants to love, whatever the cost, and that is why "those who suffer seek alternatives" or "a dead Pope if they make another"

Horoscope Paolo Fox Leone, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio

LEONE love There was some complication or maybe you had a match. The luckiest couples can make up for lost time. If there was a separation, now we must move forward. Clandestine relations and those that do not provide guarantees will be banned. A crisis has already occurred and we must not retrace our steps. Jobs Jupiter is favorable. Work is at the center of your thoughts, especially if you have a business of your own. It is not excluded that a good confirmation arrives. Success week for contact work. Fortune One more week from your side, where opportunities will not be missed. This does not mean daring: if in the last weeks the heart broke, in March the good appearance of Mercury and Venus awakens the desire to have a love next to him. The stars create favorable conditions, you will have to think about the rest. In this period, you will have the chance to reverse the problem-concept of withdrawal. They may be new loves with people from other cities, but also ulterior motives for a couple who have long lived a long-distance relationship. Approach is possible, planning things well. The fire goes out through the air.

VIRGINlove The week begins with some perplexity and brings excitement even in the best couples. Disputes between parents and children. Maybe some transaction problem. Do not feed disagreements that may overflow into your psychophysical state. It's good for singles to move cautiously, unless they're just looking for a distraction. Jobs Hard week. The results may not disappoint, but it is appropriate to pause for reflection. In addition, Mondays and Tuesdays are full of excitement and should be administered with caution. Fortune Relationships are not the best, and we should be wary of some perplexity that might come up around Tuesday. Some difficulties continue to be felt: distractions, misunderstandings and hard work. Starting in mid-March is best, but you have to ask for cooperation without feeling the world on your shoulders. Venus rekindles eros on singles. Surprising encounters and revelations around 18.

SCALElove In love, confusion reigns supreme. However, there are emotions. It is likely that a love has not lived to the fullest. In couples formed over time there is an exaggerated and perhaps involuntary detachment, a distance to be filled. Things are not so bad for lovers of the fleeting moment. Do not idealize. Jobs No one questions their qualities, in fact. You have the distinct feeling of not being able to withstand certain difficult dynamics since the beginning of the year. You need to fill yourself with energy: plan a little relaxation. Fortune Forget the proposals these days, especially around Thursday. Better keep your feet on the ground. Although February has given us a moment of rest, here we go again: different couples are struggling to find a common vision for the future. Difficult to decide, to agree. You need to stop to reflect, not to shake the waters if you are not convinced of what you want. From March 26 to 31, it would be best not to expose yourself: you may regret your impulsiveness. In some cases, the problems concern a disputed house, a transfer, or a temporary separation for work purposes.

SCORPIOlove The stars are finally in your favor. However, if you plan to make new dates, try to be positive and do not always think about the glass half empty. The desire to live a love grows. Do not listen to the couple's small conflicts because everything is solvable now that Venus and Mercury are favorable. Friday is an intriguing day. Jobs Best to use these days until Friday. Whoever has a store, an activity to be held, will not be wrong. With a person you know well, you can even start a project. Fortune The week is interesting except Saturday and Sunday. Good insights. It is not the fault of global warming, heat waves are included in the "falling in love" package in special offer between March 25 and April 6. This is the long awaited moment of solitary hearts, the moment when we must concentrate on the feelings, the solidity of a Capricorn, or the passion of an Aries. Anyone who gets off to a good start is already in the middle of the job, but as the days go by, he keeps his jealousy at bay and does not raise the level of complaints because – although this is his way of expressing interest – you could create some misunderstanding . Only for those in crisis, in this period there is a strong risk of skidding. For other couples, it's a good time to design.

Daily Horoscope Paul Fox Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

SAGITTARIUS – Love A little misunderstanding of love should be forgotten, but it will be difficult not to re-discuss on the weekend. The advice is not to decide now, especially if your heart is balanced between two relationships. Lonely hearts just have to wait and not get carried away by the thrill of not being loved.
Work Jupiter continues traffic in its sign, but the functions and tasks have not yet been defined. Use the Monday and Tuesday days well, in which the moon is in your sign. Too much enthusiasm does not benefit anyone. Luck Things are changing and slowly everything will be in your favor. Tuesday will be a good day.

CAPRICORN – Love You're upset. Even though you have lived a love for years, it is difficult to talk, to know, to understand one another. There is a great transformation that involves your professional life and couples should remain more united. If a relationship does not make more sense, you may be the one to say "enough." The end of March allows you to be clearer even to yourself. Negotiations work in progress, and not always in your favor. It would be advisable, at least, to strongly reaffirm its reasons. Interesting days but full of contradictions. It will be necessary to raise your voice between Wednesday and Thursday. Fortune A rather hectic week. You can not focus as you would like. In the middle of the week, some problems may arise.

AQUARIUS – Love If a love is born this month, it must be done without a shadow of a doubt. The need for renewal and freedom that you feel now is urgent. In exceptional cases, those who do not feel understood may even think of a definite distance, but this will be favorable because it will free them from unnecessary restrictions. Work Do not isolate yourself, show yourself, propose your ideas. Even if you do not want to, you can often make a fuss. You should avoid potentially controversial people and situations that can harm you. Luck The week is interesting. The end of this month is also important to follow some good intuition.

FISH – Love Mercury and Venus are in your sign. Love is just around the corner. Even if your heart is alone, the desire to love is doubled. The family situation receives constructive impulses. Some good news is not deleted unless you close yourself at home. The horoscope is also great for those who want to retaliate for a heavy start in the year. Work Do not waste time. Take on new tasks and explore new situations. Anyone who works in an independent profession can do a lot. Success for those who work in contact with the public. Favorite leaders.
Good luck week. Good insights from Wednesday afternoon. Without overdoing it, you can get something extra.


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