Paolo Fox Horoscope Saturday, April 6, 2019: today's stellar councils


Today's horoscopes Aries, Gemini, Taurus and Cancer

ARIES – Finally, a sigh of relief for couples trying to reach a future together. On the one hand, positive Jupiter pushes for freedom and, on the other hand, already tested couples help plan a cohabitation, a marriage or the arrival of a child; is really a good time, love is in the air. The planets are aligned in an excellent way, their influence is the right support to be able to dare more on the economic as well as the practical side; work. Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter by his side are a panacea to feel good; a kind of hyper-energy that makes the difference of living harmoniously. LOVE: It is from your relationship as a couple that you will have the highest satisfaction this week. The partner supports you in your choices and seems to understand you before you even open your mouth. You should try to do the same. Even the situation of the bachelors is finally improving. JOB: the portfolio needs careful surveillance. You have indulged in crazy expenses and your bank account suffers. On the other hand, things are better in the office than expected: from one moment to the next you can receive a promotion or a proposal. CHEERS: mind and body are in perfect balance. Keep training and avoid sweets. MEETING: Wake up to Pisces, pay attention to Sagittarius.

Opportunity A week full of emotions. Be guided by instinct, experience feelings without fear and face professional bets with optimism! Challenges Emotional reactions start faster than any reasoning. Keep the intellect at a distance, now you have to listen to your sensations Solutions for pain in the neck and shoulders? Try to massage them with an arnica and devil's claw ointment.

TORO "Love brings with it new things, both practical and sexual. You continue to be by far the sign that will transform your life, both from a practical point of view, through a change of residence to reach your partner and the loving side, falling in love with everything that is good for you. Absolute news, with the presence of the Sun in your sign, you will find new opportunities and unexpected encounters. The economy doubles, the employment contracts are profitable and in the long run. The arrival of the Sun to your sign is the right energy to put your body in order through a diet; Some sacrifices will not ruin. LOVE: feeling trapped is never a good sign. A good story connects you to someone, if it leaves you free to express what you are and what you want. Single people will understand: It is better to wait for the right person than to happen at the hands of a wrong person. JOB: You do not have to step on someone or play dirty to prove their worth. All it takes is a lot of effort. Do not be content and keep investing in your education: be creative. Someone will reward you sooner or later. CHEERS: Do not neglect the signals that the body sends you and take measures for that discomfort in the always reddish throat. MEETING: harmony with Gemini, doubts with Leone.

Opportunities There are astral provocations, but you can resize everything and keep away from annoying people or events. Challenges Do not give the satisfaction of being angry at a person who has been causing you for a long time. Keep your lucidity. Solutions To start the day with the right energy, prepare a smoothie with 2 carrots, 2 handfuls of goji berries, the juice of 2 oranges.

CANCER – The influence of the planets is very important because it delineates a way to be lived, in the next few weeks you can advance a project in the couple, it all depends on the situations you are experiencing on a personal level and what you really want in love. Do not waste time, fully enjoy love and passion. Venus enriches its income, Mercury sanctions new contracts and Neptune protects everything that comes from afar. A mix of energy not to be missed. For a sign such as your well being is very important, otherwise a real emotional charge begins which, over time, creates a psychophysical somatization. LOVE: The days with the partner will be particularly enjoyable, as long as you do not do scenes of jealousy. Dialogue is at the basis of every relationship: if you have doubts and want explanations, then you do not have to do anything other than ask. JOB: some clients may lose their patience. Try to avoid annoying requests with intelligence: explain your motivations and demonstrate what you are capable of. Do not gloat over your successes, because today is your turn, but tomorrow your colleagues can make you pay. CHEERS: If you have difficulty sleeping, try moving around during the day to reach the evening with a healthy tiredness. MEETING: passion with Scorpio, frost with Aquarius.

Opportunity Strong with an infallible analysis capability, you can get to the bottom of a problem that drags on for a long time, solving it brilliantly. Love is great, creativity shines. Challenges Do not ask for more than you have. In fact, it optimizes the resources present: if you think about it, that's enough. Solutions For cold-resistant hair after washing, apply an infusion of nettle or maidenhair fever to the hair.

GEMINI – It will not be difficult for you to realize how in the next few weeks some situations can be changed unexpectedly, the old reports, for example, suffer an emotional and sexual decline. It's Mars that puts the sticks on the wheels, stay calm and everything will be fine. Tension with an employer, with a colleague very jealous of his abilities or very intrusive. For some people, the workplace becomes the discharge of their frustrations. In recent times, their emotion is being severely tested. A sudden change in daily life may have been affected by silent somatization. Come on, you have a lot to sell and it shows. You feel ready to launch into the conquest of a special person, but also in the occupation of your dreams. LOVE: Great news for the lonely hearts born under your sign. Venus gives you all your favor, giving you a charm and a passion that will be hard to resist. All goes well, even for proven couples. JOB: A top change in the company you work for – or a project that has remained so far – can be critical to your professional growth. Mars and Uranus ask you to take advantage of this precious opportunity. CHEERS: your fitness is definitely at the top and now you have learned that your well-being depends only on you. Do not give in to bad habits like alcohol. MEETING: Sympathy with Taurus and kisses with Aquarius.

Opportunities Dynamism and enthusiasm allow you to tackle these seven days at best. Mercury promotes work and stimulates everyday life. Yes for a trip. Challenges You have many people by your side and this fills you with self-esteem. But sometimes you need a little self-criticism. Solutions If you have a cough, try an Icelandic lichen syrup: it has an emollient and calming action.

Horoscope Paolo Fox Leone, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio

LEONE – Love is lived unconditionally, you are more in love than ever. In addition to making you love, you love being placed in the spotlight of the couple, your character corresponds to all those indications related to the Sun and Mercury, a beautiful narcissus that shines in the eyes of the other. it is important to know that the astral influence has the ability to help you put a project that has no equal in the field. The arrival of spring is the right energy to plan a fun evening, especially for the younger ones. You can start a healthy diet. LOVE: from the point of view of feelings, it will be a particularly hot week. Singles and couples will rediscover their most sensual side. The arrival of a child or an unexpected proposal of marriage will make the coming months the sweetest and most romantic of the year. JOB: do not neglect the office. Working in the field and dealing with customers is very good, but there are practices that need to be met, better if you are the one to do it. Good luck in the game: enjoy. CHEERS: Do not waste your strength on useless activities. Get out, travel as much as possible and prioritize your personal well-being. MEETING: alliance with the Virgin, fights with Taurus and Scorpio.

Opportunities There are good people around you, ready to support you and advise you in difficult times. Challenges Love and work are a battlefield and this can affect your mood … Strength and courage is a transitional phase. Solutions At such a fast pace, you run the risk of eating poorly and getting a little sleep: use the California Manzanita flowers that are useful for coping with stress.

VIRGIN The influence of the sun leads you to act in the field of love through novelties or changes of direction, Mercury creates much inconstancy in decisions. You are the son of Mercury, this planet represents you in all its forms due to the failed success in love. Put aside the positive support of the Sun, along with Uranus and Saturn, they are the right indication to start a new work project; stands out in competence and has the aptitude to work. The gut is your weak point along with food and respiratory allergies. Given the spring, be careful not to put yourself at risk. LOVE: The soul mate is not necessarily the one you expect. You may have characteristics different from your ideal, have a job you have not thought of and still be the person who will love you most in life. Harmony reigns in couples. JOB: The organization is the only thing that will save your week in the office. Delegate only if necessary and only to people you trust blindly. Have a spirit of initiative and listen to expert advice. Finances are normal, even if they are not excluded outside the program. CHEERS: the decrease of energy, given the period, should not worry you much. MEETING: flirting with Leone, disagreements with Capricorn.

Opportunities Insight and insight can bring you great advantages in work and private life. Super love Challenges Can not you just delegate? Others are aware of their ability and availability and tend to take on responsibilities that are not their responsibility. Solutions The bowel and colon can make tantrums: if colic or dysentery survives, you can try the infusion of caraway seeds and anise.

SCALE "Fortunately, you've entered astronomically in a favorable position, thanks to Mars, who will be with you these weeks. Your support represents strength and success, above all, if you are looking for some serenity in love. For older couples there is an increase in passion and complicity. The unfavorable Sun and Mercury are, above all, a source of economic problems; late payments and difficulty in charging a credit, please be patient. The spring has begun, it will not be difficult to see how good mood and desire to feel good about yourself remains the best way to live your life. LOVE: you have difficulty expressing yourself and the couple's mood tends to get colder. Even for singles, the first part of the week will not be easy, but you will find courage not only to speak but also to act and win back the partner. JOB: When you believe you have reached the limit, when the ideas that come to your mind do not live up to your reputation, the only thing is to change. This should be your watchword: be it a short trip, a perspective, an interlocutor or use. CHEERS: The concerns of the last few months have proved you. Look for lightness with friends. MEETING: complicity with Capricorn, rudeness with Pisces.

Opportunity Creativity for the stars. The planets agree with their need for harmony. A hobby can give you money. Challenges You are sensitive to flattery and can be overshadowed. Watch! Solutions Do you tend to suffer from swelling and weight in the legs? Take 30 drops of mother tincture of chestnut 3 times a day to improve microcirculation.

SCORPIO – The Sun in the sign of Taurus may have caused many problems in the affective field, fortunately Venus influences the Pisces helping the elderly couples to solve the difficulties of the last times. Mercury and Venus are the right support to arrange a trip along with your partner. Venus and Mercury guarantee a good income, but, above all, the success of finance in general. The sky speaks of new business and money, while maintaining good health, puts a lot of attention into your body, so that you can benefit from the positive support of the planets. LOVE: to act without thinking too much, this should be your mantra. Let your heart free to express yourself, abandon yourself to the truest feelings, live as you deserve: the soul mate is part of the beautiful things. Small misunderstandings in couples will be outweighed by the great. JOB: you have not yet reached your goals, you still have a long way to go and it seems like you do not have enough time. Remember this: everything is relative. Impossible things are impossible because you have decided. Good earnings. CHEERS: eating better, moving more, small steps are enough to feel good. MEETING: friendship with Cancer, misunderstandings with Leone.

Opportunities Family members are affectionate, love is special and provides moments of magical escape. Meetings on the horizon, if you're single: your charm does not go unnoticed. Challenges At work, listen, but do not talk. And do not take for granted the promises made to you. See the facts. Solutions against dermatitis and cold redness massages on the face with a few drops of mastic oil.

Daily Horoscope Paul Fox Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

SAGITTARIUS – Even though Mars has created some problems through misunderstandings, it remains the luckiest sign of the zodiac, affective relationships are by far the most sustained from an astronomical point of view, above all, if you are in a phase planning and change. New loves in sight. One type of nervousness can be inferred that if mismanaged, it can create some delay in general. Do not forget that you are on the podium thanks to Giove who supports you throughout the year. The next few weeks are positively characterized by the Sun and Mercury; is the right time to increase your psychophysical well-being. LOVE: Even if you do not feel at the same wavelength as your partner lately, do not be discouraged. The stars have pleasant surprises on the sentimental level, starting with a possible flashback.JOB: Fatigue has never discouraged those born under its sign. And now more than ever, it will bear fruit. Important news in the field, thanks to Mercury, especially for freelancers, as long as you're willing to risk a minimum. CHEERS: your usual allergy is ready to be heard. Keep it at bay with natural remedies and foods that inhibit the release of histamine, such as apples, carrots, grapes. MEETING: feeling with Pisces, mistakes with Aries.

Opportunity Dear and friendly with everyone, you can now find sponsors and interesting allies ready to support a project that you have in mind for a long time. Encouraging meetings. Challenges Do not get stuck trying to figure out what others are doing. Solutions To find relief after a great meal, you can prepare a herbal tea made with fennel, anise, bold and cumin.

CAPRICORN – All the planets in your favor are the right support to increase through new things. The stars advise to put into practice great changes that can affect the home or transfer to another city. All the transformations related to the couple and the personal evolution are positive. The work is very positive. The next few weeks are linked to documents, the law and the bureaucracy; the possibility of financing, a mortgage, a home or work is not excluded. In this period, it is advisable to think of yourself, to go hiking in nature, the mountain can be a good source to eliminate stress. LOVE: being alone and not having someone to share your days weighs on you, but is not it worse to be with a person just to fill a void? Cupid acts when you least expect it: do not rush, without fear. Good atmosphere in couples. JOB: thanks to the atmosphere of friendship and altruism that currently reigns in the office, you will be able to complete even the most difficult tasks with great results. Satisfaction will be directly proportional to the commitment you put into it. But keep your wallet under control without head shots. CHEERS: Take some time for yourself. Body and mind need to regenerate. MEETING: promises with Libra, tripping with Virgo.

Opportunities Are you ready to follow other paths? Now you have to be ambitious and take on new challenges, even if they scare you because you think they are not at your fingertips. Challenges "People who do the self make three," says the proverb. And that is exactly what the planets recommend to you. Solutions Problems with venous circulation? If you have swollen feet at night, try Whitania Somnifera's dry extract.

AQUARIUS Fortunately, in the coming weeks there is Mars to take to the stage, your support is very important because it regenerates daily life through absolute novelties. The love relationship can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Excellent weeks to move, live or decide to have a child. Everything that is related to a commercial negotiation, through a notary or a lawyer, is supported by the influence of the stars. Apply for an investment or a mortgage. Physical fitness is important to our health, keeping the body in good shape also helps in mental well-being. LOVE: emotions will be the leitmotif of your days. For couples, there are opportunities for growth and change: receive the news with enthusiasm. The bachelors do not feel completely ready to recover the destiny of the heart, but it will be he who will guide it. Have no fear. JOB: This is the right week to make a change in your career. You may not have realized yet, but you have the opportunity of life before your eyes. Be open to your colleagues' ideas even when they are totally different from yours. CHEERS: good energies, but we should not abuse them. Alternative appointments for hours or days of relaxation. MEETING: according to Gemini, misunderstandings with Cancer.

Opportunities With a little courage and an unexpected dose of courage, you may now face a situation that you have been posting for some time. Challenges What now seems scary and irritating will soon either resolve itself or become insignificant. Solutions Regulate a little sleep, especially if you tend to wake up at night: try a tea made of hops and lavender half an hour before bed.

FISH – Harmony in love and for you a basic thing to enjoy life better. You are the sign that loves to dream more than all, in fact, the dreams come true and when you can realize them, you feel at the maximum of your energies. Your heaven is going through a happy period, love has finally lived in all its facets. Get ready to live real opportunities in the workplace. Venus and Mercury are the right energy to boost the economy and start new businesses. Emotion often affects choices, remains the most sensitive and most emotional absolute sign of the zodiac; Venus and Mars are at your side to make you strong. LOVE: After a period of anonymity, the bachelors return to the rescue and even end up having to choose between two people. Distinguish between passion and passion. In couples, understanding and transportation grow and great plans are made for the future. JOB: the commitments to be fulfilled are not few, but it is the anxiety that runs the risk of delaying you. Make all the decisions calmly and ask for help when necessary. Good news for anyone looking for a steady job. Lucky week also for those who decide to invest in real estate. CHEERS: strength and fun go hand in hand. Take the opportunity to have new experiences. MEETING: friendship with Sagittarius, disagreements with Libra.

Opportunities Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are rooting for you. Make yourself known, do not be afraid to be rejected, dare without hesitation! Challenges Many problems exist because you create them. The situation is less dramatic than you think. Solutions To relax, try the jasmine essential oil: just a few drops in the essences or in the bath to calm down.


Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, completing the full circle of the zodiac in about twelve years and crossing all the constellations over the course of a year, giving riches, gifts and protections. Jupiter from antiquity was worshiped as Zeus, the father of the Gods, and his benevolence was as proverbial as his great power over divine, human, and all-creation human beings. The planet Jupiter for the modern man represents the conquest of well-being, expansion, luck. It is through its influence that the native shines in his abilities and affirms himself in life with naturality. Jupiter is the planet that, together with Mars, causes the will to manifest because it protects the incisive action of Mars and realizes it. over time. Jupiter expands the same existence, so Saturn will determine its duration and decree its end. The planet Jupiter, with Mars and Saturn, is part of the second planetary triad, which joins the fast and slow planets. Jupiter with his enormous energy matures man, makes him powerful and positive, luminous.

In other words, the energy of Jupiter is best expressed in mature age, because it retains man's solar energy and strengthens it, to the utmost expression of its own existence, by preparing the sunset and the renewal of the cycle. Maturity, like youth, is a moment of life, alchemical and very strong given by the influence of the planet Jupiter, which can give great successes as great catastrophes, because it expands in all directions, it is not certain that its action is always beneficial. Generally, Jupiter's action is a carrier of well-being and expansion, but it depends on how it appears on the birth chart and transits of the planets of the moment.

The planet Jupiter traverses the zodiac in twelve years, then stops on each plate for about a year. . Jupiter in the fire element is very strong, its daytime domicile is under the sign of Sagittarius, while the night is in Pisces water. In the signs of fire, the planet Jupiter reaches a great power, the ardor, the passion, the realization of the self. In the water element, Jupiter favors artistic, musical, and transcendental inspiration. In the air, on the contrary, it has its maximum expansion in multiple shadows, while on earth perceives all possibility of real and tangible conquest. The planet Jupiter powerfully expands the attributes of fire, and man reaches the highest expression of luminous and spiritual values ​​on Earth. Jupiter is an expression of royalty, of generosity, of abundance. With him are born great and enlightened kings, eager to carry forward human evolution and reach a global maturity that includes all the species on the planet.

The Moon creates the dynamics for life, Jupiter its expansion: and this is the possibility of expanding even in a condition unfavorable to evolution. The planet Jupiter in transit in the horoscope is quite fast: about a year for every sign of the zodiac and therefore its passage brings benefits to all members of the sign it traverses. So much is beneficial and can both lead to exaggeration, arrogance, exuberance, pride and tyranny. In the expression of human experience, Jupiter makes the power known to man without guaranteeing its proper use. The correct management of power, in fact, depends on a good aspect of Mars, the Sun, but above all of Jupiter, because it is the latter that releases the talent in the sign in which it is. We will see where Jupiter is in the radix horoscope to learn about the "fortune" of being and his maximum abilities in earthly life. The human being, if it is in the evolutionary phase, will be able to reach its maximum potential, otherwise it may be overdone. When the planet Jupiter, in the horoscope radix, is in a dominant position, the subject will have to be ready to capture the fruits that this planet brings in its celestial passage. Jupiter gives great possibilities, for which he is prepared, but for those who are ignorant, his influence can do little and the results will be of little value.

For example, when Jupiter is in the Taurus, a sign of land and acquisitions, in this case it is a good omen to build or buy houses, land: everything that is related to the purchase is favored, as well as agriculture, agriculture, and "farm. Thus Jupiter is a bearer of well-being, sociability, royalty, wealth, joy of living, love of life and beautiful things, expansion, frankness, spirituality and optimism.He presides over maturity, authority, respect for the law, is a sign Jupiter in good looks indicates affirmation and material, professional and spiritual success, promotions, honors and riches, prizes, esteem and influential support in politics, harmony with the children, gains in games and legal disputes.In the inner plane, the planet Jupiter, in a favorable aspect, is transcendental and represents the spiritual master.According to the position of this planet in the horoscope, we evaluate the possibility of knowing the Master and the relationship with him, whether it be a physical or spiritual meeting. In any case, the Master can be of various types: for example, he could be a relative who helps and protects and whose presence has a decisive value in a person's life.


The planet Saturn governs time, the karmic past, and the law of life. It represents the time for humanity and the material that is immersed in time and therefore in the old age of man. He is resident in the sign of Capricorn, where Saturn is diurnal and establishes the laws of life. In this sign, the natural selection of life on the Cancer axis of Capricorn becomes reality, also called the tree of life, and which has its roots in the sign of Cancer and the crown in Capricorn. In any case, the sign of Capricorn is the abode of Saturn and will establish how much the being being gestated under the sign of Cancer will live, because diurnal Saturn is the one who determines the time and all the possibilities granted by destiny. Saturn, in his day-domicile, makes the laws of life and performs, through the test of the passage of time, all the possibilities offered to mankind in the present moment. We have seen that the sun is the will, that Mercury is intelligence, that Venus is form and beauty, that Mars is action, that Jupiter is power and Saturn is the planet that allows this power to be realized. After the horizons revealed by Jupiter, the planet Saturn will tell whether all this will be an illusion or a reality, and how long that period of beauty and luck promised by the passage of Jupiter will last. And that is why Saturn also represents man's destiny by subjecting the individual to the law of time. In the horoscope, when there is Saturn, we speak of losses because the planet Saturn takes life from everything that is superfluous, to make it more real and real.

And through renunciation, Saturn withdraws experience and makes everything Spartan very austere. Among so many possibilities in life, Saturn will realize one or two, and they will be the most appropriate to the nature of the person and will undergo the karmic tests of the past. The planet Saturn traverses the horoscope in thirty years and traverses all the signs within two years. At the beginning of transit, when Saturn enters a sign, it remains longer and all subjects having aspects or planets at the beginning will remain subject to the influence of Saturn throughout the duration of transit. In the first part of the sign, Saturn passes for about a year, with a movement that goes back and forth, while in the second year it crosses the rest of the sign faster. This planet when it passes into its native position removes the being from all that is superfluous or surpassed in its life. All people who have the Radix of Saturn combined with the transit of Saturn during the period of passage will be stripped of something to accomplish something else and in any case, even if they have accumulated so many things, they can suffer losses because the planet Saturn will rise obstacles, especially with the Karma test, in the field of work. If, for example, the planet Saturn passes under the sign of Taurus, all persons belonging to this sign first experience solitude, because it is necessary to enter into inner contact and listen to oneself in order to get rid of these superficial relationships and go to The essence of one's nature. From this solitude in the sign of Taurus, beings will discover productivity or study to prepare a professional leap and attend courses.

The slow transits of Saturn and Uranus

I Transit planetary sleep molto evolutivi e rigenerativi e spesso nell "astrology of the mese osserviamo i Transit of pianeti veloci com Sole, Luna e Mercurio per interpretare gli avvenimenti quotidiani, oppure studiamo i Transiti mediare di Venere Mars and Giove per interpretare gli avvenimenti che accadranno nell "Arch di pochi mesi, ma i più importanti sono i Transiti lenti di Saturno, Uranus, Nettuno and Plutone perché determinano profondi cambiamenti, che cambiano la vita in meglio o in peggio, dipende dal case and dagli altri pianeti in aspetto nell" oroscopo Radix . I Transiti lenti rimangono a lungo in aspetto e agiscono in modo incisivo sul cambiamento e in molti casi lo determinano se il soggetto ne è consapevole o lo fruisce in modo positivo. Un transito di Saturno porta a prendere decisioni importanti che liberano dalle catene del Karma anche a costo di dolorose perdite che si possono arginare diventando consapevoli del momento che si vive senza opporvisi ostinatamente, altrimenti la perdita diventa più grande e la prova molto pesante, infatti questo transito fa‟ invecchiare e irrigidire nel corso di due anni. Inoltre Saturno attua i bilanci esistenziali e riduce le illusioni mostrandoci la realtà cruda e nuda e quello che veramente abbiamo disilludendoci. Durante questo transito di Saturno le soluzioni arrivano dagli aspetti positivi con gli altri pianeti dell‟oroscopo Radix che interagiscono e sciolgono i nodi Karmici che l‟astro ci mostra. Il transito di Urano è al contrario esplosivo e rivoluzionario trasforma il soggetto velocemente e lo porta ad attuare cambiamenti importanti che determinano le svolte della vita , l‟affermazione professionale, la scalata sociale, la scoperta di capacità sconosciute e il loro potenziamento, inoltre rappresenta la tecnologia e la comunicazione moderna, i media.

Il transito di Nettuno

Nettuno con il suo transito ci rivela la nostra illusione che spesso viviamo nell‟immaginazione e quando si realizza si disintegra rivelando in molti casi la vocazione segreta del soggetto, questo travaglio interiore e spesso molto doloroso sia sul piano interiore e trascendentale che su quello fisico dove abbiamo la prova del dolore e la povertà anche in questo caso gli altri pianeti dell‟oroscopo diluiscono gli effetti negativi e in molti casi non ci si accorge realmente dell‟effetto di Nettuno se si è ad esempio insensibili e materialisti. Questo transito è molto favorevole agli artisti, ai musicisti, agli spirituali, ai mistici perché e pieno di ispirazioni e intuizioni profonde che creano opere meravigliose e irripetibili è la scoperta della vocazione interiore dell‟anima. Nettuno ispira nell‟uomo la ricerca interiore attraverso l‟esperienza fenomenica e trascendentale di stati psichici che trasformano la visione del mondo, rendendoci consapevoli di nuove aperture e possibili talenti nascosti che si rivelano in tutta la loro potenzialità. Il transito di Nettuno è molto lento e attraversa un segno zodiacale in quattordici anni, ma spesso la sua influenza non viene percepita correttamente specie nei soggetti più materialisti che non riescono a collocare questo tipo di esperienze percettive e sottili nella giusta dimensione sviluppando al contrario molta confusione che crea illusioni e di conseguenza disillusioni. In questi casi Nettuno può rappresentare stati confusionali, perdita di presenza, attacchi di panico, visioni errate o persecutorie che portano all‟impoverimento interiore e in alcuni casi anche alla povertà per non aver saputo valutare fatti e persone. Nettuno in cattivo aspetto porta errori di valutazione, ad esempio fa‟ incontrare l‟amore e non riconoscerlo o fa‟ illudere sulle esperienze ingigantendo le percezioni ed esagerando le reazioni. Solo se si è ispirati ed intuitivi si possono cogliere dimensioni uniche, che esprimono la raffinatezza e la parte più mistica di noi stessi. In alcuni casi questo transito rappresenta la „vocazione‟, che porta a cambiamenti di vita radicali e a trasformazioni profonde. In altre parole Nettuno rivela la fede in un ideale o in una via da percorrere insieme a tutti, perché Nettuno è domiciliato nel segno dei Pesci che rappresenta tutta l‟esperienza umana nella manifestazione della vita.

Il transito di Plutone

Infine i transiti di Plutone trasformano i soggetti lentamente in circa diciotto anni e senza accorgersene si scopre di essere cambiati profondamente. L‟energia di Plutone, creativa e distruttiva, lavora nell‟inconscio profondamente trasformandolo attraverso prove interiori che portano la guarigione attraverso nuove consapevolezze e risoluzioni definitive. L‟energia di Plutone investiga nelle profondità del soggetto rivelando la vera natura e la sua autentica potenzialità che si manifesta in modalità segrete o poco visibili ma intense nell‟intenzione di trasformare che può arrivare a distruggere per ricostruire. Il transito di Plutone porta una distruttività di ciò che è già deteriorato e va‟ eliminato definitivamente per dare spazio al nuovo e alla creatività che arriva dirompente e inesauribile nella sua potenzialità rigenerativa che trascende la morte fisica e risorge in dimensioni diverse è più evolute che rigenerano anche la stessa materia. Il transito di Plutone fa‟ pensare alla morte e meditare su argomenti che rivelano dimensioni profonde di ricerca interiore che portano alla scoperta dei segreti che ci circondano. L‟influenza di Plutone è favorevole alla ricerca scientifica, alla politica, all‟investigazione e alla magistratura, e presiede ai luoghi segreti e all‟energia atomica. L‟energia di Plutone andrebbe usata per creare nuovi percorsi evolutivi più profondi e innovativi. Questo transito è favorevole alla guarigione profonda perché l‟energia di Plutone illumina i segreti e la parte nascosta del soggetto, che si libera dei vecchi schemi e delle promesse passate attraverso la comprensione profonda di fatti persone e situazioni.

Sole e Mercurio e Veneri in Gemelli

Il Sole transita nel segno dei Gemelli che rappresenta la comunicazione, lo scambio, il pensiero, la parola scritta, l‟editoria , la moda e le arti visive. Tutte queste attività sono illuminate dall‟energia del Sole della primavera inoltrata accecante e luminoso in congiunzione a Mercurio e nel suo campo. I nativi del segno saranno particolarmente favoriti nella comunicazione e negli scambi, ci saranno entrate impreviste r buone occasioni nel lavoro nei settori sopracitati. Inoltre sono favoriti i viaggi e gli spostamenti che saranno fruttuosi e ricchi di divertimento per Venere che transita in congiunzione regalando momenti magici nell‟amore anche ai segni della Bilancia e dell‟Acquario che ritornano ad innamorarsi e a vivere nuove relazioni ispirate specie la terza decade del segno. Questo passaggio celeste del Sole è particolarmente luminoso per gli scritti e il giornalismo, molti scrittori troveranno l‟ispirazione e nella comunicazione avremo novità sperimentali in internet che si perfezionano e si arricchiscono di nuovi contenuti più attuali ed efficaci, la comunicazione trasmette dimensioni inedite che affronteranno il grande pubblico evolvendo il costume con l‟influenza della Venere nel segno e il pensiero con Mercurio nel suo campo diurno. La comprensione e la consapevolezza saranno tematiche anche legate all‟espressione dell‟amore che si manifesterà anche attraverso circuiti tecnologici o i cellulari. Il segno dei Gemelli si libera dell‟opposizione di Plutone nel Sagittario restituendo ai nativi del segno quella voglia di vivere l‟amore in modo giovanile e curioso come è la natura di Mercurio. Per i nativi della seconda e terza decade ci saranno rapporti divertenti e pieni di sorprese gradite, innamoramenti improvvisi e colpi di fulmine, novità in amore date dalla Luna Nuova nel segno all‟inizio del mese.

Il Transito della Luna

La Luna Nuova nel segno dei Gemelli porterà novità in ogni campo e per i segni di aria: Bilancia Acquario e Gemelli della seconda e terza decade e sorprese in amore, trasferimenti o spostamenti per vivere una storia affettiva, nuove amicizie e incontri esilaranti o molto interessanti, gli intrighi e i tradimenti non mancheranno per l‟influenza del pianeta Nettuno in trigono in Acquario, illusioni e disillusioni in amore specie per gli Acquario della terza decade. La luna Piena in Sagittario porterà a sognare e a programmare viaggi in paesi lontani, buone le relazioni famigliari e con i parenti, l‟energia della luna favorirà i segni di fuoco: Ariete, Leone e Sagittario regalando ai nativi momenti di passione e amori straordinari. I nativi dell‟elemento fuoco programmeranno viaggi e gite fuori porta con amici e parenti all‟insegna del divertimento. I nativi del Sagittario vivranno colpi di fulmine e storie travolgenti all‟estero o con stranieri, buoni rapporti con i figli nella libertà e nella comprensione. Momento di grande ripresa dopo il lungo transito di Plutone nel segno che ha fatto vivere la profondità dell‟ideale fino e distruggerlo per poi rigenerarlo. Anche i nativi della Bilancia e dell‟Acquario vivranno momenti unici nell‟amore, al contrario i Gemelli si sentiranno nostalgici e potranno avere ripensamenti sulle scelte del passato. La Luna piena in Sagittario porterà novità dall‟estero o da stranieri, la comunicazione con altri paesi e la politica internazionale sarà al centro dell‟attenzione. Il plenilunio porterà ai nativi del Leone la rigenerazione attraverso la passione e l‟amore che si arricchirà di nuovi significati e farà prendere decisioni importanti come il matrimonio in alcuni casi. I nativi dell‟Ariete si orienteranno nel lavoro in nuove imprese a contatto con l‟estero o con stranieri, decisioni importanti in amore coronate da successo, favorevole la vita mondana.


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