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Pamela Camassa wins first edition and kisses Filippo Bisciglia

Celebrity FriendsPamela Camassa wins first edition and kisses Filippo Bisciglia. She can dance, sing and she's beautiful, a deserved victory for Pamela who beats Massimiliano Varrese in a final with many problems.

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Pamela Camassa is the winner of the first edition of Amici Celebrities"Thank you for giving me this opportunity, thank you Maria and thank you Michelle for coming to the race, but you are special. I would like to thank you all, but there are many. I also dedicate this to Filippo». More than deserved victory in a very difficult final, especially for Michelle Hunziker, who we remember being feverish. Between technical problems and surprise publicity – which also baffled a great pro like Hunziker, a little ironic and a little annoyed when she said, "But no more an advertisement ?!" – in the final they arrived Pamela Camassa and Massimiliano Varrese. Among other things, unlike the second round, the finals were short-lived, only two appearances, and when Michelle called the cards, Pamela and Massimiliano appeared to be out of place. Third place to Filippo Bisciglia that after the proclamation he rushed to kiss her last in classification and first eliminated Ciro Ferrara.

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