Sunday , October 24 2021

on Instagram, false news circulates about what she eats and complains


For almost thirty years, Laura Pausini is on the crest of the wave, and for almost thirty years, Laura Pausini is on target for her. physicist. So much so that in social networks, and in particular in Instagram, they started to fake diets of Laura Pausini, diet regimens or weight loss products unfairly sponsored for relying on the singer's image (and fame). But you never used them. To clarify the question was the same Pausini, who explored his official page in Facebook denounce all those who advertise the (false) Laura Pausini diet. "As many of you have reported to me for months, many misleading ads continue to circulate on the web and on social networks, which unduly exploit my image to promote weight loss diets without my permission," the singer reveals. "Many of you write to me and ask me if this is true, but I want you to know that everything is false," he continues.

In the post Laura Pausini also speaks of his (true) relationship with the diets, to testify to the authentic and enduring bond that binds her to her fans: "Like many of us, I also did diets and today I know only one thing: I would never recommend to any woman who started a diet, whatever it was, without Never trust someone who tries to get rich in their weaknesses, "he writes again on Facebook. Nearly 3,500 tanned and numerous comments have shown support for the pop star, who also said his lawyers are already working to expel and denounce the bad guys. In 2018, we read about, Laura Pausini had lost 16 kg after passing through SDM Diet, a low-calorie, normoprotein diet designed by Professor Blackburn of Harvard University in 1971 based on a daily intake of protein according to physiological needs and a reduction in carbohydrate and lipid intake as indicated on the official protocol website. As a diet therapy aimed at quickly achieving weight balance, the site explains, diet by Laura Pausini is divided into three phases: weight loss, transition and maintenance, for a lasting effect. In other words, with her last open heart job, Laura Pausini once again proves to be one of us. Even in the daily struggle with the extra pounds, the ahitutti is lost only with effort, determination and perseverance.

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