no more landings in Italy


The hypothesis is this and it seems to show that, in reality, an agreement has not been reached. The European Union seems inclined to extend the operations of the Sophia mission, but without the use of ships. As we all know, in Eunavfor Med the member states have long clashed. Italy asks for a modification of the rules of engagement, which until now have given the belpases a port of landing for all immigrants.

The news site is reporting this This would therefore be the compromise in which EU diplomats are working. The mission, in fact, expires on March 31 (after a bidding process). In recent days, the Commission has asked Italy to decide what to do, a choice that would decide Sophia's fate. According to what emerges, the agreement with which the European Sherpas are working should be a way to meet the Italian demands, which – as mentioned – would like a collapse of the immigrants recovered from the European ships.

In recent days, even Germany (which blocked its ships in the port) was willing to reach an agreement that would satisfy the Italian position, backed by Interior Minister Salvini.

The draft text would talk about the implementation of Sophia's operational mandate, strengthening surveillance of air activities and supporting the Libyan Coast Guard. This would allow the mission to continue for another six months and effectively prevent the rescue of the migrants, therefore – consequently – the landing at the Italian ports. No ships, no rescue operations. A solution that could satisfy even the Visegrad countries, which have always opposed the distribution of immigrants.

Rescue at sea, after all, is not the aim of the operation to combat illicit trafficking in human beings, even though since 2005, when the Sophia they saved thousands of people. And they brought them to Italy.


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