Nintendo Slim Switch will come out in the fall, Pro version has been delayed | rumor


In a report published by the Nikkeiwe came back to talk about Nintendo Slim and Pro Switch, the two new versions of the hybrid console that in March were the focus of some rumors released by the Wall Street Journal. The new rumors partly confirm what was released last month, but with some differences.

The Japanese newspaper agrees that the thin of Switch, whose production seems to be set for the fall months, will be more compact, cheaper and focused on the portable consoles market, but emphasizes that the device can be connected to the TV. According to Nikkei, however, the premiere of the supposed Nintendo Switch Pro, the improved version of the current console, It was postponed due to some problems that delayed its development.

It is also alleged that last December the Kyoto house decided to cancel the project that aims to create a product for analysis and control of sleep quality. The house of Kyoto is not yet expressed, for what has just been reported is to be regarded as a rumor awaiting confirmation.


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