Monday , October 18 2021

New Tesla world: pickups, batteries, insurance and … a submarine


"Owning a car will be equivalent to using a horse to get around" with these words Elon Musk opened the annual meeting with investors Tesla. An emblematic phrase that clearly indicates the path taken by the South African entrepreneur in the construction of a mobility companynot just an automaker.

A road certainly not without its pitfalls: if, on the one hand, Tesla sales were never so high (thanks mainly to the contribution of Model 3), on the other hand the company has been the protagonist of a new quarter of losses. During the meeting, Musk answered questions from investors and talked about the market, but also Tesla's product it's the service, without forgetting the important updates on the semi-autonomous direction and the batteries. Here they are united in a single article.


Online the configurator Tesla Model Y: price for Italy from 57,000 euros

22 Mar

Tesla Model S, the restyling in September | Chinese Model 3 can be ordered

may 31st

Tesla pickup will cost

June 3

Tesla Roadster: 0-100 in less than 2 seconds for the new Elon Musk License Plate

November 17

The Tesla CEO assured investors the demand issue: demand for Tesla cars is growing, to the point where sales have far exceeded production, which, however, is in line with the plan. The winning percentage is also good: 90% of orders come from new customers. Product innovations will not fail, from the start of Model Y and Roadster sales in 2020, to open China Model 3 applications to China and announce the next Model S (and Model X). The production of the two flagships was temporarily loosened to make room for Model 3.

A reference to the recent electric collision could not be missing: "I think it's the coolest car I've ever seen, to be honest," Musk said, reiterating the "cyberpunk" look that seems to come "from a science fiction movie" . In terms of functionality, it will be better than the Ford F-150 (coming in electric version along with the crossover based on Mustang), while in terms of performance, it will have the access versions of the Porsche 911. in the usual semi prototypes -definitive), in the hopes of Musk, after the summer, with an initial price of less than $ 49,000.


Tesla focuses on power and batteries with acquisition of Maxwell Technologies

February 5

Tesla, battery wear

April 16

The meeting was an opportunity to announce the completion of the acquisition of Maxwell Technologies, a company specializing in battery research and production. A move "very strategic" Musk, since Maxwell has developed exceptional technologies capable of rendering cell production is more economical and flexible to be used on lithium ion batteries. More details on the subject will be revealed soon, on the occasion of a future "day investor battery and powertrain".

Batteries continue to be crucial in Tesla's growth. For this, the company could "getting into the mining business" O lithium to ensure a stable and sustainable supply, both economically and environmentally (a bit like Volkswagen did recently through the agreement with Chinese producer Ganfeng.


Tesla Solar Roof: patent explains operation details

May 8

Tesla: Solar Roof and Powerwall 2 to reduce reliance on the power grid

01 nov

After announcing last month's arrival of Tesla car insurance, new details emerged in May at yesterday's meeting, Musk assured investors that "it will not be long." [prima di vederla sul mercato, ndr], but first you'll need to complete "a small purchase" and "burn some software".

News also from the world of domestic services: O Tesla Solar Roof photovoltaic roofs launched in 2016, whose production represents a far from simple operation for Tesla, will soon be released in its third generation. The company is working towards an ambitious goal: to make them more or less expensive than the traditional ones.

Finally, an upgrade to the expected Advanced Summon feature (announced last November) is coming, which allows owners to call their Tesla (parked) directly from their smartphone, driving it without a driver from the parking area to the owner's position in itself. Musk has announced that the launch of the feature is coming, but first the company wants to make sure the cars know how to deal "the great complexity of the parking areas".


You read it right: in one of the drawers of Tesla's office is the patent for an electric vehicle capable of traveling under water. This was revealed by Elon Musk himself in response to a shareholder who asked him if Tesla was planning to build an amphibious vehicle, to be used both on the road and in the water.

In fact, the patent for such a car exists, inspired by the Lotus Esprit the appearance of the James Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me", 1977, which among other things Musk declared to own. Not only that, the CEO added that producing a working version of a similar vehicle would be possible, although "I believe the market for this vehicle can be reduced – reduced, but enthusiastic". Producing a submerged Tesla today would be useless for Musk "Distraction". In the future, who knows …


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