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New challenge for closed ports: NGO navigates and takes Salvini to court

The NGO social centers back to the challenge Matteo Salvini. And this happens both at sea and in the courts. After the release of the apprehension by the Agrigento Prosecutor's Office and the investigation of aid and complicity, the Ionian Sea sailed from Marsala (Trapani) to a new mission on the coast of Libya that could end with another blitz in the Italian ports. Meanwhile, the point guard Alessandro Metz denounced the vice-premier League for "aggravated defamation and defamation". The reason? The guideline for military leaders who Ionian Sea and invites them to "Prevention" such "illegal activity".

The "Human Salvation of the Mediterranean", the NGO opened by Luca Casarini and other social centers and the red associations to put the Ionian Sea into the sea, he expected nothing more. In the first ones, collected by Alarm phone, they ran into the sea to re-challenge Salvini and the directive on closed ports. On board the boat, which yesterday launched the alarm on the coast of Libya, there are about twenty people. In the area there is an Italian commercial ship that is patrolling the area. "But it is necessary," explained Alessandra Sciurba of the NGO's legal team, "to patrol and search, since it has already happened that people at sea can survive for a long time.". That is why the Ionian Sea is addressing them. "Navigation to the Sar area on the coast of Libya – explained via Skype on the head of the mission Giuseppe Caccia – will last about twenty hours". The movement is purely political. This is demonstrated by the theater set up at the press conference by theong and the complaint against Salvini filed in court at this time.

At a press conference in Montecitorio this morning, Metz and his companions performed against Salvini, all do-it-yourself paraphernalia. "The Italian government – Sciurba has denounced – is carrying out an absurd war against the civil society Mediterranean save lives: we have received a warning to save lives at sea and I believe that this will continue to be a historical act ". But even in front of the Viminale directive, the NGO "Mediterranea Saving Humans" is willing to take a step back. In fact, he rises and continues on the counterattack by putting the Ionian Sea back into the sea. "The ship does not stop, every time you leave is a huge satisfaction despite the attempts to stop us, the ministerial guidelines, the warnings", echoed the same Metz that this morning I presented to the promoter of Rome a complaint against the Salvini directive. "Some statements – he explained – represent incredible seriousness from the point of view of slander".

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