New Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2020: when to leave (if you leave). representation


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Lorenzo Centenari

ALFA UNCERTAZES Everything was said about everything new Alfa Romeo Giulietta. That he would have abandoned the front-wheel drive to the rear, which would
converted to the hybrid, which would have risen from the ground to look like a crossover. As often happens, the mountain gave birth to a mouse, and the Geneva Motor Show you are not
I did not see anything but a simple reform. It's hard now that Juliet second generation (always assuming that …) comes to the
world before 2021: the edition now on the market, we will call it MY19 (new color Green Visconti, new combinations for the interior), still need to download the whole
cartridges. So? what future?

GIULIETTA DREAMING There are those who imagine this, the second cycle of the iconic Compact Biscione. O representation that we posted appeared on the Facebook page
in Project Alfa Romeo 950: one
Juliet which preserves proportions of two-volume sedan classic, so without any lifting of the platform
land, and especially with a front much closer than Tonale, but also of sister Giuliawith headlights Who loses this?
bulky elliptical shape, to adopt a clear appearance and complete LED technology. Other resources? Cutting the rear windows: rounded and conical, as well as

TONALE PIGLIATUTTO About Alfa Romeo's compact SUV, from which we get the first taste in Geneva (it's still a concept car). Investment in Tonale,
sports utility on the Jeep platform (a variant of Table Compass), excludes the hypothesis of a Giulietta-Suv. Roads are now two: the FCA acting for a car
traditional segment C, throwing the heart beyond the obstacle and producing a sporting project (as in the photo) and technological degree fresh from
day or leave the project once and for all about the pressure of Marketplace. Leaving aside industrial logic, we believe it would be a pity. And to you
I would like oneAlpha Giulietta Giulia-style?

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alfa romeo giulietta
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