Netflix, here are the best TVs of 2019 recommended by the company


Also this year Netflix compiled a list of best TVs of 2019 recommended to view your own content, a kind of tradition that the company has been seeking for a few years.

A particularly in-depth technical analysis is not to be expected because the list of TVs in question is substantially limited to providing native support for the Netflix application and its performance, in addition to having some technological solutions that can allow viewing in 4K and HDR, of course . This is, therefore, I recommended TVs of Netflix in 2019:

  • Samsung Q60R / Q70R / Q80R / Q90R / Q900R, RU8000 series, Serif and frame
  • Sony BRAVIA X85G / X90G and A9G series
  • Panasonic VIERA GX700 / GX800 / GX900 Series

Noteworthy is the lack of numerous valid TVs even on the OLED front, such as LG (present in 2018), but it is actually explained by the criteria used by Netflix to select the recommended devices. As reported by TechCrunch, the criteria relate to support for the official Netflix application and the speed of it on TV. In addition, another criterion is the presence of a new feature called "Always fresh", present on some TVs (the ones actually recommended) that keeps the Netflix app always active in the background updated with content and information constantly and always ready to start streaming content.


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