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Natural Antibiotic Pump, Ikea Alert, Improves Appearance, Maintains Tan and Prevents Breast Cancer, All News of the Day

In today's health and wellness review, October 1, 2019, the topics covered are how to keep tan for a long time, the natural antibiotic to fight fever and cold, how to improve lokk if you have brown hair. pink, Ikea and breast cancer prevention All the news of the day.

Long tan

How to do it, after summer is over, to keep your tan for a long time, even if you are no longer at sea or in the mountains? We have to play in advance sunbathing with certain precautions that make our body produce long lasting melanin. If you sunbathe at once, in fact, there is already an oxidation of melanin that will make the color last only a few hours. To learn how to keep the brown color acquired in summer for a long time, you can read: How to keep tan longer

Pump, natural antibiotic

It is a powerful natural antibiotic that will help, during the cold season, to combat fever, sore throat and even joint pain. This is the compound also called "Pump", obtained by mixing natural compounds capable of fighting infections and flu symptoms.

For the recipe for producing the natural antibiotic, read: The Natural Antibiotic against Fever and Sore Throat called Bomba

How to improve appearance

A must-have of spring-summer that will also be in the fall is the rosy brown hair tone, a warm and enveloping nuance that renews the hair. Let's see for whom the nuance in question is good and how to make the most of not only the hair but also the whole look.

For the tips in question, read: Brown hair and light eyes? Improve your appearance

Ikea Alert

There is an alarm regarding bibs sold by Ikea, exactly the product in question is the two-pack, red and blue, the name is Matvra, the button can turn off and can generate a very serious danger, choking, for example. All children who have the habit of putting everything in their mouth, as it may happen, can play with them and put the bib in their mouth, when the button is released, the little one risks choking.

To learn more: Ikea Matvra button alert bibs, they can exit and generate choking

Breast Cancer Prevention

San Giovanni Addolorata Hospital is one of the hospitals involved in the promotion of gender medicine and stands out for offering services dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major female diseases. For this reason, he received 2 Bollini Rosa (two-year 2018-2019) from the National Observatory for Women's Health and Gender (ONDA), a sign of attention and care that has long aimed at women's well-being.

To read more: Breast Cancer Prevention, October Rose, with free visits to San Giovanni Addolorata Hospital

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