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Moscopoli, Letta and Gentiloni: "Something must happen after the report episode"

"A beautiful journalistic investigation: it also produces excellent pieces. Ignoring it will be difficult." Paolo Gentiloni has followed the latest episode of the Report dedicated to Russiagate and now asks to proceed. And the same Enrico Letta also writes: "Now nothing can happen. Not everything can continue as before. It cannot. No". The interested party, even if not investigated, Matteo Salvini plays in the irony: "The Report episode? Last night I saw Checco Zalone".

Nicola Zingaretti also spoke: "From the report of the Rai Report3, a precise and well-done reconstruction, from which many questions arise about the League. Disturbing news for the stability of Italian democracy. Who should investigate to clarify the whole matter," he says. the secretary of the PD. And the Democratic Party parliamentary group in the House announces a parliamentary question. "The Italian parliament and citizens must clearly know what happened to the supposed foreign funding for the League" – says Rep. Emanuele Fiano – we demand the truth about how much
that happened. The security of Italy and the European Union itself is at stake. "

Another episode of Moscopoli. Yesterday Matteo Renzi. immediately after the broadcast ended, he asked the former Interior Minister "I have only one request from Salvini: Senator, why doesn't he denounce Savoini? I asked in Parliament, I asked on TV, I asked today. Why didn't Salvini have responded preventively at lunchtime, ensuring that he had no intention of appearing in front of Copasir to answer questions about his meetings and those of his collaborators. "I'm not talking about ongoing investigations, I hope they close as soon as possible." , because no one asked, picked up or had anything. I speak of real life, not of fantasies. "- said the leader of Lega Al Copasir, what am I going to do? – adds Salvini – Say that I did not take rubles? I did not ask rubles, dollars, oil or other brands."

Playing …

So the former interior minister last night was in front of the TV watching "Che bella giornata", broadcast on Channel 5. Those who tuned in to RaiTre will see that the Report tried to demonstrate "how the Lega negotiations for Money and Money." Russian oil is just a piece of a much larger mosaic, which sees deep in the birth of an international axis between extremist forces in Russia and the United States, a mosaic in which Matteo Salvini and the League are just the pawns of an international project. destabilizing the European Union "

The report, the investigators say, "met Konstantin Malofeev, known as the Oligarch of God, one of the richest Russians and closest to Vladimir Putin. It is his first interview with European television. In recent years, Malofeev has funded parties of right wing in Europe and in 2013 founded a new Holy Alliance between Russian ultra-traditionalist associations and the most powerful foundations of the American religious right, which have poured over $ 1 billion in Europe over the past ten years., Gianluca Savoini and Matteo Salvini used to go to Moscow to meet God's oligarch. What did they say ?! "

"The Republic will always fight for the freedom of information, for its readers and for all those who care about the principles of democracy and civil society."

Carlo Verdelli

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