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Modena protest against Salvini

Monday, November 18, in Modena, At least 7,000 people protested in Piazza Grande against the election event held in the city by League leader Matteo Salvini in support of Lucia Borgonzoni, center-right candidate as president of Emilia-Romagna in the regional elections of November 26. January 2020. The Modena event, such as Thursday, November 14 in Bologna, was organized in the form of flash mobs. Despite the rain in the square, there were thousands of people "tight as sardines" – as prosecutors' slogan – to sing "Bella ciao" or slogans like "Modena non Lega". The protesters gathered shortly before 7 pm, occupying not only the square, but also the crossbars and adjacent arcades.

Initially, Salvini had to speak at the center, via Gallucci, where about 3,000 people were expected, but after the counter-event was launched, he changed programs, choosing a restaurant outside the center. The protest organizers and organizers had requested that during the garrison "there was no flag, party or insult," and that the participants display only sardines.

Modena, November 18
(Piero Cruciatti / LaPresse)

Salvini, shortly before arriving in Modena, attacked "the sardines", occupying a post last May by one of the organizers that contains an inverted video of Salvini with the phrase: "We needed a social executioner, those who appear in history, who after death they are marked as anarchists … »Salvini said that" until recently, one of the "democratic sardines" invoked her "murder by an executioner and showed me upside down. Cool stuff."

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