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MN LIVE – Gattuso confirmed, goodbye at the end of the season: possible alternatives. Sarri and Pochettino reject rumors

According to Sportmediaset, after the long confrontation with the Rossoneri's leadership last night, Gennaro Gattuso was confirmed for two reasons: lack of viable alternatives such as boatman and timing. Giunti, coach of a disappointing spring so far, was not taken into account, while Donadoni does not intend to accept a mandate for the next four games without guarantees for the future. If this crisis had occurred much earlier, however, Rino would have been exonerated. As for next season, however, Pochettino and Conte remain unattainable should they not qualify for the Champions League. Sarri remains a tricky lane, so it will focus on young talents. For this Di Francesco, already probed, and Giampaolo, are the hottest names to replace Gattuso.

Matteo Marani, at the time of Gattuso in Milan, said: "It seems that there has never been a great feeling between him and the administration.The new property has other plans and wants his men.

Mauricio Pochettino, Tottenham coach, told about the rumors that have approached him in Milan in recent weeks: "I read it in the press, nothing more, we know how this world works, that kind of voice does not fuel my ego" Others like to be on everyone's lips to feel it, but I do not need it. It's part of football, if you talk about the interest of other clubs, I take it as a certificate of esteem. "

The Chelsea coach, Maurizio Sarri, after the game against Manchester United, he also talked about market rumors. "The Premier League is wonderful," he told Sky Sports, "and I would like to stay there. I want to stay at Chelsea because the level is very high."

– Seedorf on Gattuso: "I do not think sending a technician away during the season – except in extreme cases – makes sense. The story says that most of the time it does not change anything. be hunted ".

– After a night of reflections, Milan decided to continue with Rino Gattuso on the bench until the end of the championship. At the end of the season, the current Milan player will say goodbye. Their confirmation came also because, after four days of the end of the championship, it is difficult to find an adequate substitute. Federico Giunti's hypothesis is not convincing, so unless there are sensational second thoughts, Gattuso remains on the bench of the Rossoneri. (

– Yesterday, in the half hour interview that occurred after the race ended, they were heard very clearly the cries of Leonardo, who could not resist expressing his ideas about what he saw in the field. Later, the leadership came a few steps after Gattuso, who accompanied the Romeo team manager, boarded the bus that brought Milan back.

– Today at Casa Milan there is Gazidis, Leonardo and Maldini. At the time the presence of Gattuso is not foreseen, but everything can change in the next few hours.

– With yesterday's defeat against Torino, Milan lost fourth place in the standings, leaving the Champions League. But even the Europa League zone is now at risk: if indeed tonight Atalanta beat Udinese tonight, the Rossoneri will meet again in seventh place in the standings.

– Scaroni in Gattuso: "I saw the game yesterday, Milan have not played at good levels for a couple of months. Of course we had a drop in form, we did not provide performances two or three months ago, even if we do not give up and continue to give the best of self, I do not express myself in technical-sports matters, we have a managing director and we have a technical-sports management with Leonardo and Maldini, I let them express themselves on these issues. "

Day of testing at Casa Milan after the defeat against Torino. Gattuso at risk, but it seems that the management did not want to change to 4 days from the end. Follow the updates on

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