Milan, the team runs less: the statistics


On Tuesday night, at the end of the match against Udinese, Gattuso spoke of a team "in his legs", which also did little from the physical point of view. According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Milan has less than a few weeks. The Bergamo game, for example, set the day's record in kilometers: 227.512, ì (Lega data). Milan managed to oppose the fury of Atalanta (115,453 km marked) running a little less but better: 112,059 km. Against Udinese, on the other hand, the odometer dropped a lot: 108. If in Bergamo the average speed was 7 kilometers per hour, Tuesday night fell to 6.3. Not only that, the team, who used to be in twenty yards, is now at 40-50. Gattuso has many problems to solve.


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