Migrants, Salvini infuriates Defense Even Count annoyed: "It's out of place"


The Libyan crisis is increasingly explosive. And the fear of having to face a wave of refugees in full electoral campaign scares Matteo Salvini, who rushed to issue a circular, called "Intimation", so that the volunteers of the Ionian ship (which has just resumed the sea and promises to return back as soon as possible with a wreck) are far from the Italian coast.

The minister's directive fears an imminent "danger", since in Libya's prisons there are 400 or 500 Islamic terrorists, militants captured in Sirte who could return free if everything in Libya exploded. And therefore, it is an intimate stop for the Mediterranean NGO, whose activity "can determine the risks of entry into the national territory of individuals involved in terrorist activities or even more dangerous to public order and security."

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Salvini's directive, however, not only rekindles an umpteenth controversy on the left, but unleashes an unexpected storm: given that it addresses not only the police forces, obviously, but also the Navy and also the Chief of Staff. of Defense, follows a very bad temper in the military, not accustomed to receiving orders from the Ministry of Interior. Her irritation is in accordance with the anger expressed repeatedly by Minister Elisabetta Trenta against the rude colleague.

But let's be true. Through the agency AdnKronos, an anonymous exponent of the military summit misses "the real interference unprecedented in the recent history of the Republic." The source adds that what happened to this directive, which is also a replica of another Salvini directive in March, "is very serious because it violates all principles, all protocols and constitutes a form of inappropriate pressure."

Ua breathtaking reaction. In short, the government clash between the League and the M5S seems to extend to the State Corps. Even in the earliest reconstructions the Quirinale also plays: some people write that Giuseppe Conte was summoned by the Head of State for explanations. Not really. And the Quirinale is forced into an informal denial, pointing out that the meeting between Mattarella and the Prime Minister was over when the news of generals and admirals irritated with Salvini came.

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Having said that, Conte is also very annoyed at Salvini's initiative and he reveals it in his own way, with plush tones, to avoid shooting one more blow and one exhausting answer. The League's directive, the prime minister has unleashed, is completely "out of place." For times, context and content. For days, Conte has been trying to support the Libyan dossier of those who consider the heavy interference of the Interior Minister. The shadow of the war that stretches over the Mediterranean runs the risk of being "banalized" into pure merchandise of the "electoral campaign" and that is what Conte wants to avoid. It is important to avoid the possibility of government dividing itself between those who want the open doors for the migand those who want them closed, among other things, on the eve of a special Council of Ministers that will be held symbolically tomorrow in Reggio Calabria, a seaside town bordered by the sea of ​​migration. At Palazzo Chigi, they noted with surprise the speed with which Salvini's team turned the risk of Libya's exodus into flames for a new political marketing campaign. While General Haftar marches at the gates of Tripoli, Salvini reigns with the hashtag #portihihii, without paying much attention to diplomatic precautions.

If it is easy for the Northern League to play the political battle with the grillini to the sound of social media statements, it is very different from being "duel" with the leaders of the military. "We are very quiet," says the Minister, "because the Ministry of the Interior is the highest authority on internal security." The directive on ports is therefore a duty, as well as a legitimate one, in the face of imminent danger. "

Ministry of Interior sources explain that Article 12 of the Consolidated Immigration Law provides that ships of the Navy "can be used to compete for police activities at sea." The same immigration law in Article 11 gives the Minister of the Interior the responsibility to issue "the necessary measures for the unified coordination of controls at the Italian maritime and land border."



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