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Michelle Hunziker, the Instagram appeal to the Government for those in difficulty

October 26, 2020

Michelle Hunziker enters the field to comment on the difficult moment Italy is experiencing and on his Instagram profile launches appeal to the Government after Giuseppe Conte’s decisions.

The beautiful Hunziker shared on her Instagram page a photo that portrays her thoughtfully. Michelle thinks of everyone who had to close their business due to the health emergency and writes: “Today I woke up thoughtfully… I think of everyone who has to close their business… it was hard to recover, but they all rolled up their sleeves and with determination and without complaint, they went to work … many with a smile … I saw it!

Then he explains that in the last few months he has always supported workers at greater risk, continuing to visit bars and restaurants: “I am a frequent visitor to restaurants, I love them, I also promote them a lot on my social networks because I love Italian excellence ?? and I NEVER stopped going there precisely because I believe that by being attentive and respecting all hygiene procedures, one can easily enjoy all the wonders of our country’s cuisine ”.

And from the bars he says: “Our bars that so distinguish and envy us from all over the world and all the other businesses that now have to close from 6 pm or totally … are in extreme difficulty”.

Michelle Hunziker realizes how complicated it is to manage the situation we are experiencing: “I understand that managing this virus is not easy and I also understand that to safeguard our health we cannot please everyone”. And then he launches an appeal to the Government to support all families that are in economic difficulties: “with FORZA I also ask our government to support families and activities in difficulty at the moment… in an attempt to contain the virus… however, we must not starve… ”.

Many followers of the Swiss presenter support his appeal and comment: “well, exactly !!!”. And yet: “Finally someone who exposes himself, great Michelle”, “You are a very sensitive person. It honors you. Good Michelle “.” We hope these compressions are of some use. “Others write:” Sn agree with you. You are a cheerful, selfless and intelligent person. A hug “,” I totally agree, you are a great person “.

Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker – Source: Instagram

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