Michael Terlizzi declares himself to Cristian Imparato but he says no (Video)


GF 16

Big Brother 16: the choice of Cristian and Michael, the singer says no to the model

Yesterday afternoon the house of Big Brother 16 became the dating program conceived and conducted by Maria De Filippi, Men and women. The protagonists were Cristian Imparato who used the role of the gay tronista and Michael Terlizzi of the pretender and then also Gaetano Arena.

But the glaring thing is that Franco's son is caught a halt by the Palermo singer. After the refusal, Michael, of course by fate, requested the next gay throne and then went to say goodbye. Tina Cipollari who played her ex-husband Chicco Nalli. (Continue after the video)

The Great Brother Becomes the Gay Throne of Men and Women

The thing that surprised everyone is that Michael Terlizzi he prepared to do the gay pretend after all the paranoia of the last days. We remember, in fact, that from the beginning Cristian Imparato He suggested that, according to him, the model has homosexual tendencies and does not want to admit it. The person directly involved went into crisis, but then he released by reiterating be direct.

More likely conversations with Kikò Nalli and the intervention of the host Grande Fratello 16, Barbara D & # 39; Bear They served at age 32 to understand that if he is certain of his sexual orientation, no one should prove anything. So you should not be afraid of what people can think outside and inside the Cinecittà house.

Gf 16: Cristian Learned criticized on the web

Of course, the Gay throne of men and women inside the house of Big Brother 16 amused the public a lot, but there have also been controversies on the web. The reason? According to Internet users Cristian Imparato has the nail fixed on Michael Terlizzi and he wants to confess at all costs something that might not be. It should also be said that Franco's son spontaneously prepared for the game.


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