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Melfi prepares for the Jeep Compass

MODELLO GLOBALE – Occasionally I celebrated for 25 years the activity of the factory Melfi (Thu per saperne di più), the FCA has announced on the lucano stabilization is the first pre-production of it Jeep Compass. Melfi, whose production of Compass will be the last regime in the first quarter of 2020, will see the European Union destined for the rest of Mondo, and will continue to do so in Brazil, Cina, India and Messico.

THE SECOND LE IBRIDE – The factory of Melfi is working closely with the non-solo production process of the Compass, anche delle Jeep Renegade and PHEV Compass, it is endowed with a plug-in hybrid system with the latest richargeable battery. This version needs 10-15 percent of the time in view of the view seen by the magician and the high number of components. The SVILUPPA hybrid system has a 190 HP or 240 hp complement. It has a 4 cylinder 1.3 cylinder turbo, there are 130 to 179 horsepower and it works in synergy with the electric motor. It is fully integrated, perch itself 1.3 transferring the motorcycle to the previous wheel (through an automatic gearbox), to the electric motor (about circa 60hp) if it occupies the rear wheel.

L'ELETTRIFICAZE VERSE – The Jeep Renegade and Compass PHEV FRA sleep on the first modellet of the FCA intended for the European market, but not the only one, in the ambit of the program I invested 5 miliardi of the euro announced by Italy. The Italian-American group has a narrative of the hybrid version of the Romeo Tonale, the Fiat 500 electric costruite to Mirafiori, the Maserati alcove, the Sibridian elftriche, the Mirafiori and Modena costruite, and the Fiat Ducato elettric. anch'esso "made in Italy". Dopo l'avvio della produce the 2014 Melfi, the Fiat 500X and the Jeep Renegade, for which they are investing circa 1 miliardo di euro, the factory has seen its all-domestic importance of the "galassia" FCA, and oggi impiega 7,300 addetti (4,000 solo per auto montaggio), 860 robot per ballast, 278 automatic seasoning and 54 robot per verniatura.

LA PLANT ACADEMY – The importance of Melfi ricopro by the FCA is noticeable in the creation of a specific method of internal formation. Go to the top of the line for 2015 Plant Academy, an idea and a sperimentazioni fucina, "talenti factory"view of the focus on all the potential of the person, which is born by the competitiveness of the factory, the economic sustainability, the quality of the product and the capacity of the creative innovator. The point of departure of the Academy is the organization and the organization of the person and the definition of the competency necessary for the understanding of the great singola attività The second passaggio is the stage of the creation of the conoscenza in which the specific ambit: the ogni competition is the statuary associated with the accomplishment of the dall'esperienza and the later professionisti stabilization in quel settore Infine, sleep state definite mode for the sviluppo delle persone and messi a punto instrumental valutazione and percorsi di sviluppo per far grow in the future ricopriranno ruoli di maggiore responsabilità. nascosti ”and predisporre per loro percorsi di crescita.

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