Meghan Markle the work and here is the birth (photo)


Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle

Everything makes sense

finally Meghan Markle in labor. To arouse suspicion, the sighting around Frogmore Cattage, Harry's new mansion and consort, of some cars and vans. one unusual traffic to the nice place near Windsor Castle which has made many believe something is about to happen.

Meghan in fact, you must give birth at home. So it may be that the doctors and midwives, including the doula, came to help the duchess who by now might be ready to give birth Sussex baby. (Continue after the photo)

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O Queen Elizabeth she went on Holy Thursday to Windsor, choosing this year the chapel of St. George to attend the religious service. A decision perhaps designed to be close to the grandchildren who will soon become parents. The real baby is ready to come into the world and will be welcomed by all the members of royalty and their cousins.

A true Easter

If Meghan Markle is in labor, then the rumors are right. In fact, they claim that the real baby could be born on April 21, that is, the Sunday of Easter which also coincides with Sovrana's birthday. However, it is unclear whether Harry will accompany his wife in the delivery room.

Normally men of the royal family are not allowed, but it may be that Meghan once again decides contrary to the rules, demanding that her husband be with her. On the other hand, the prince took yoga classes, apparently he will perform some with Lady Markle exercises during childbirth. Therefore, it may be that at this time they are involved in some involution.

Meanwhile, one wonders if Harry will be present in Easter Functions or if Meghan also participates, if the childbirth occurs sooner or later. How will the real baby be called? Some are waiting for Diana, like the beloved mother of Harry and William.

The queen to celebrate

Even if Meghan Markle is in labor, we must remember that on Sunday we will not only celebrate Easter but also the birthday of our beloved Queen Elizabeth.


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