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Mazda will surprise everyone by 2020

Mazda will continue to bet on diesel. Despite your commitment to the new technology Skyactiv-X and electric mobility, the Japanese manufacturer will launch a new diesel engine in 2020. The Japanese automaker decided to develop a new diesel engine more efficient than those currently used by the brand.

Mazda will launch a new diesel engine in 2020

It will be a new engine Skyactiv-D with lower consumption and emissions. In this way Mazda will continue to improve its diesel and gasoline engines also working on plug-in and 100% electric hybrid mechanics. though Mazda thus confirms its commitment to diesel, the life of this new engine will not be easy as confidence in diesel in Europe is collapsing. Between January and August 2019, the share of diesel cars in the European market was only 30%.

It is still in free fall and most of its space is occupied by gasoline vehicles. Christian schultze, Mazda Head of R&D in Europe, commented on this: "We adhere to diesel engines. By 2020, we have a new approach to diesel engines. We'll show you how clean and efficient diesel can be.".

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Asked if this new diesel engine will use the spark ignition compression technology used in Skyactiv-X engine , Schultze said: "We'll surprise you next year. There are not so many differences between gasoline and diesel." This shows that Mazda has decided to differentiate itself from leading car manufacturers by adopting a "multiple solutions" strategy, betting on electric mobility, but without it aside. combustion engines.

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