May Day Concert, Noel Gallagher takes the Beatles to the stage


"It's going to be a wonderful world," she sings Noel Gallagher, the most anticipated artist in the May 1 concert In Rome. The square is an extension of umbrellas, but it resists, dreams with the former oasis a better world, the boys that the crowd resist, they dance without stopping at the rhythm dragging of birds flying high. It has been poured for hours now but the magic of the music is renewed along with the tradition that May Day wants at Piazza San Giovanni in Wet Rome, also this year that Concertone celebrates its thirtieth edition.

Noel Gallagher talks about the night's rock after an afternoon marked by new independent Italian music, he plays Fort Knox, Holy Mountain, so hypnotic and psychedelic It's a beautiful world. So it makes the hearts of all Oasis fans shake with the immortal Wonderwall and with Stop crying your heart, very appropriate choice for the occasion, as it invites you to advance despite the harshness of life. And closes with a tribute to the Beatles, their declared idols, with All you need is Love. Triumph and chills.

"We are in an aquarium, thank you for being there, boys," he said in the resumption after the Ambra news, "we are here to remember the rights, the work, our Europe." He wears a shirt with the initials of the three Confederate trade union organizers, almost a response to last year's controversy when he wore a designer sweater, and Lodo Guenzi which seems to make him the chorus with a T-shirt with the words "Less showers, more rights".

Ambra responds to the controversy of 2018 of the design sweater with that of the unions

Following the slogan of this year, Ambra shouts: "Rights, work, Europe" and invites the kids who fill the square to follow the lyrics, to hear the words "because words are important", he says remembering one of the songs. tormentoni by Nanni Moretti, and then again to the audience "let's consider one thing", which awakens a roar from the square. "It's my remission and I can," he says, paraphrasing a famous feminist slogan and tackling the tax relief proposal for the recruitment of women for 2019 and 2020. "But if I hire you – he asks his driving partner Mud Guenzi – we both make money. " "No, just like the proposal is, you only get yourself," Ambra replies.

Playing …

"Here is the song that now fills the parades and the sports halls, the new Italian popular music," says Lodo at the opening. "We are going to address all kinds of problems with you today.I'm sure you will share almost everything that will be said at this stage.But do not look for the answers from this stage, but ask questions and help us find solutions.I wanted to clarify this" , echoes Amber. On stage for the opening there are many groups that will liven up the day, almost representing the indie world chosen by the organizers as photos of the current success of independent music. There are Nuclear Tactical Penguins, Lemandorle, the Ex Otago, Eugenio on Via di Gioia, and all in a circle, while the band pays homage to Franco Battiato playing permanent center of gravity. "We salute those who have spent on this stage and not just the immense Franco Battiato," shouts Ambra (ironically, someone later will show him a sign with the writing to shout less). It continues with a tribute to the director of the first stage of May, Toni Soddu, who died after the edition of last year. And with the award for the Emerging Band 2019 of the 1MNext Contest, or the Tristi. Then on stage Fulminacci salt and ironically begin to rain heavily.

Here's the show schedule that ends at midnight.

after Eman and Lemandorle in the salt of the stage izi, "one of the most interesting voices of the trap" is presented by Lodo and he thanks him of the stage Fabrizio De André that sounds in a trap key Dolcenera and to the public he says, "Have fun and never judge." And then he adds, "Look at the people in the eyes, take out those cell phones." The figure of De André, twenty years after his death, is remembered with a disc entitled Faber Nostrum, which was attended by many Concertone artists, such as La Municipàl, returns during the show also told by the long live broadcast on Rai3 and Rai Radio 2. On the occasion of the presentation of the Siae prize, Dori Ghezzi will be in the stage alongside Faber until the end and at 20 Micol will play with the harp in an acoustic and rock version of The fisherman. Colapesce also pays homage to the Genoese singer-songwriter, with an effective version of Lost love song.

May 1 concert, photography report

The concert continues with the performance of the people of Lecce The Municipality, brother and sister, a beautiful surprise in the scene of new Italian music, which Bowiana proposes Major Tom, it's all over and George of their first album. In La Municipàl, as happened last year in Cosmo, they stole some of the instruments: "Thanks to everyone, even if for us today it's a day like this because some tools were stolen this morning. The representative of the list they lent us the pedals, "they added.

May 1, the public Concertone defies the rain and fills San Giovanni

Then I Eat it the rain gives a little rest: "We arrived and the sun rises", says I Canova. While Ghemon brings a breath of soul coupled with the typically Italian melody, with grudge and Anastasio on the stage comes the new rap and also a bit of transgression: in The end of the world he says, "do not fuck with me." in a hurry to decide. Let me, do not let me get out of bed."Then he reveals:" I had prepared a speech to end among the heroes censured by Rai3, but today we do not celebrate the artists, we celebrate all those who make this concert possible, who sets the stage, who brings the trucks, who rides the lights, they are the heroes today. "

At that point, I read a long and tragic list of workers who lost their lives last year, "Gianfranco Caracciolo, Davide Di Dioia, Fábio Baratella …", "every year the same tragic list, we wish we did not have to read any more "he adds. Amber, "work is a right, but life is even more so, and then we add to the list all the unnamed workers, a great shame that also hurts here independently." And even if only one were the name on the list, it would still be the failure of all. "

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