Master Zverev! Perfect combination and beaten Djokovic


And Alexander Zverev the Master of 2018: In the ATP Final the Russian-born German beat Djokovic 6-4 6-3 in 80 minutes and becomes the third of his country to win the Masters after Becker and Stich.

the game
Djokovic appears in the final without missing a set or a game, having defeated John Isner, Marin Cilic, Kevin Anderson in the semifinals and in the round robin only Zverev, losing only 19 points in his first service and only 13 in his second service (including double faults). Ever since Wimbledon's triumph, Djokovic has a 15-0 score against the Top 10, but this time Zverev is a difficult and difficult opponent, winning unbelievably with Djoker's weapons: great service (only 7 points won with the first) and pressure from the bottom, without disdaining the descents to the net to carry easy points. We see the hand of Lendl, who confirms the superfine coach and now has to guarantee the talented student a star performance even in the Slam.

Zverev moved to the floor. Djokovic will comfort him. Getty

Zverev moved to the floor. Djokovic will comfort him. Getty

at 21 years
But at 21, the youngest to win the tournament since 2008 (then it was Djokovic, a month younger), the future is with him. Nole twice lost the service, however, for the first time in the tournament, in the ninth game of the first set and in the first of the second, accumulating 23 free, a huge thing for him. You can console with number one at the end of the season, the first player to succeed after being out of 20 in the same season (22 at the end of May), but not equal (still) the six wins in the Masters of Federer. The favorable tradition is confirmed for who loses in round robin a challenge that reproduces between seminal and final: now the balance is 11-9 for the defeated in the first game. In short, the Djokovic era does not end, but as of today the Djoker has a great rival.


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