Maria De Filippi is cold and distant, we are not allowed to touch and greet her


Words loaded with anger Angela Di Iorio spend close to Maria De Filippihost of Men and women. The ex-participant of the throne has finished, now far from the transmission, accusing the owner of hiding a coldness, then hidden in the camera. He states that program participants would be prevented from physically approaching De Filippi. Interviewed by the site, the woman says:

I told the editorial office. "But am I displeasing to Mary?" I've always had it against me. Maria I always saw myself against, I was crying and they were laughing. I esteemed Mary as much as a woman, I saw her within reach, sitting on the steps in jeans. But it's not too cold, it's detached, we can not touch it or say hello, we have to raise our hand during the episode if we want to talk. I once told her, "Give me a kiss," but she said, "Not next time." That hurt me a lot.

What led him to leave men and women

Di Iorio claims to have been mistreated from the start. The clashes with Tina Cipollari and Gianni Sperti would have taken her several times to reconsider its participation in the program until the decision to abandon her studies:I believed in this program and did not spit on the dish I ate because it was a great experience, the outline of the program is wonderful. But when you go to this arena everything ends. When you are being targeted, you have completed a good experience. Gianni Sperti came against me from the first moment. The first episode I wanted to say goodbye and he said it was not allowed. Gianni did not have children, he did not have to go to the elderly. I was asking for economic reassurance. I cried and they laughed as Tina teased me saying, "Let's see if there's a richer man." The biggest disappointment was Maria De Filippi. I wanted to send a message that it is necessary to have peace of mind in the old phase of life. Do I have to put an elderly person in my house like me and then also have to give him financial support? I am very angry with the message they passed and being ridiculed by two *****. The message was bad".

Apologize publicly

Finally, Di Iorio announces that he is willing to return only if De Filippi agrees to make a public apology: "Everyone tells me to go back, but I made this promise myself: only if Maria apologize will I return to the program. But since this is never going to happen, I will not be back, I do not want any excuses because Angela wants anyone who knows what. But out of justice in the way they treated me. […] In the end I did not get more, because when I put the pros and cons, the balance began to get from being sick and I always cried".


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