Marco Maddaloni wins. Marina La Rosa in second place


With 61% of preferences Marco Maddaloni is the winner of the fourteenthIsland of the famous 2019 "my victory I also want to dedicate to Ghezzal"Who is not present in the studio," cries Maddaloni. Marina La Rosa in second place. after Beijing Express Maddaloni wins another reality show, but above all conquers the hearts of the Italians with his live marriage proposal to his companion Romina. Third classified Luca Vismara, then Sarah Altobello and Aaron Nielsen.

To know everything that happened during the final we went live minute by Do not miss our live chronicle.

Isola dei Famosi 2019, a live marriage proposal for Marco Maddaloni: "we have been engaged for ten years and would like you to marry me on July 14"
Isola dei Famosi 2019, Soleil kisses Jeremias and fight live with Marina La Rosa: "I am not the vulgar"


01.04 Our live shows here. Thank you as always for being with us.

01.01 Enter the envelope. The island of the famous 2019 Marco Maddaloni wins with 61%, Marina la Rosa came in second.

00.43 Surprise also for Marina La Rosa, for her there is her husband and a video of her children: "A world difficult to explain to me, composed of people, opened up – says Marina – Luca was a little darling, he understood me until seeing my breastplate. People generally do not want to go any further. It was fun years, but it was not easy to accept that people could see you for what you are not. Joining the Island also meant giving a different story to me. "

00.30 Maddaloni receives first the surprise of his sister, then that of his father. "On the island I started to do something, my wife and I were never married, we were engaged for ten years and I would like me to marry on July 14'. All in tears.

00.18 After twelve weeks of studio sacrifices the two finalists Marco Maddaloni and Marina La Rosa. Best time for them

00.15 Waiting to find the finalist, a chat with Alvin.

23,56 Best time to Luca Vismara: «Not being home on the couch, but here to live this reality, was the most beautiful thing. I loved this island so well, to think that this island learned, in turn, to love meand. "

23.52 The last televote officially opens.

23.41 TV closed. Marina La Rosa in the final, Luca Vismara eliminated with 59%.

23.27 The second elimination of this final is Sarah Altobello. Best time for her.

23.18 Shipwreck in the apnea test. Vince Marco. Maddaloni is the first finalist. There is a television flash between Luca Vismara and Marina La Rosa.

23:00 Aaron Nielsen will be the first to be eliminated from this final.

22.56 Television closed. Sarah Altobello eliminated with 53% Marco Maddaloni is in the final with Marina La Rosa and Luca Vismara

Isola dei Famosi 2019, Soleil kisses Jeremias and fight live with Marina La Rosa: "I am not the vulgar"

22.50 Now Stefano Bettarini and Kaspar Capparoni, also for them "best of" and history of the experience on the island.

22.32 Try immunity for castaways, whoever wins can send two contestants to the televote. Vince Luca and Opens television flash between Sarah and Marco.

22.24 It's time to Riccardo Fogli".My island ends here, but in my heart it will never end, because I will carry it forever. I did everything I could, weighed just as I had when I sang Little Ketty 51 years ago. They are fragile and cry in my throat. My wife gave me the passion for the island, together we saw so many episodes, this year on tour with Facchinetti someone told us it would be fantastic on the island, Facchinetti made the gesture of the umbrella and then he said Riky is Tarzan must go».

22.07 A splendid studio Soleil Sorge Who kisses passionately? Jeremias Rodriguez.

Isola dei Famosi, "Soleil A low-cost idea arises to raise the public." The truth of Gabriele Parpiglia

22:00 The castaways see for the first time the images of their experience on the island.

21:59 Aaron and Sarah standing upright is the time of the verdict: Aaron Nielsen is eliminated (52%), Sarah Atobello is the fourth finalist.

21.56 Televoting is officially closed. Publicity.

21.49 Aaron and Sarah are named. Clip of your week.

21.46 Problems with Marcuzzi 's microphone while the survivors arrived in Milan 2.

21.44 sixty-four days, five finalists but only one winner. Gold dress Alessia Marcuzzi welcomes the viewers.

21.41 We started with the farewell clip for the island of the competitors, all shipwrecked in tears.

Isola dei Famosi 2019, final advances: Sara Altobello and Aaron Nielsen to the proof of the televoto

The five semifinalists have now returned to Italy and tonight straight from the island let's find out who will win the coveted Last. As they took their last farewell to the Island, many were transferred to the top of the island crying as Marina La Rosa who confessed: «This was a very strong experience, started for us over 70 days ago. An eternity for me. Now coming to an end is exciting. I gave so much'.

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