Luigi Di Maio, the terror of the grillino behind the no to agreement with the PD: what he is afraid of Salvini


That is a tactic to do precious with the Democratic Party, Luigi Di Maio will prove this over time. The fact is that at the time the deputy premier grillino closed the doors to the courtship of Graziano Delrio, who tried to somehow open a negotiation with hopes of government between Pd and M5s. A gesture, the grillino, which is not at all appreciated by several of the M5, as reported in the daily report.

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Delrio said he was ready to discuss "minimum wage and conflict of interest." Themes that have always been expensive on the left, but hardly seen during the Democratic Party governments. However, for many of the great grillini, it could be an opportunity not only to "give way to the Democratic Party" but also to pressure the League and Matteo Salvini, while the Northern League to drink.

Behind the abrupt stoppage of Di Maio, however, there would be all the M5 leader's fear of getting to the real break with the League: "We have to dilute the tone a bit – it reports a backdrop to the daily event – people they shall be weary. " Which means collapse of the consensus and the impassable escape of the Carroccio. Of course the door with the Pd is closed, but not locked. As the words of Mattia Fattinati, a di May loyalist, put it: "If dem changed politics and the ruling class would be different, they would stop attacking measures for the most fragile, such as citizenship income and our minimum wage proposal" .


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