Luca Javier "Pasti" Pegna won the first Red Bull Mobile Esports Open


The Red Bull Mobile Esports Open took place on Saturday, the first example of an international export tournament dedicated to a mobile game in Italy, which had the victory of Luca Javier "Pasti" Pegna, a 16-year-old Milanese already hired by Mkers Team. one of the most important Italian organizations of competitive video games. The same as Daniele "Iceprinsipe" Paolucci, the FIFA champion.

Lucca Comics & Games has for some years been an area in which the export sector found its natural home in the fascinating Esports Cathedral, a church that has become a venue for events where Quake Overwatch and League of Legends coexist with stuccos, marbles and frescoes that seem to watch games with curiosity. This year, however, visitors to the Tuscany event could attend a rather rare event in the field of Italian exports, an international tasting tournament played entirely on smartphones: the Red Bull Mobile Esports Open, organized by ESL. The competition was entirely based on the only mobile game broadcast in Europe to boast of a competitive scene and fast and fun mechanics: Clash Royale.

For the unaccustomed, Clash Royale is a strategic real-time game in which the objective is to destroy the opposing castle, employing armies of all kinds that differ in speed, damage, attack area and special powers that are taken from a deck composed by the player. To deploy the various cards, you need to pay a cost on points that are reloaded periodically. It's a very fast title and full of strategic variations, where anything can happen and the concentration must be total to maintain control on the battlefield and evaluate each option coldly and quickly.

To win, Pasti defeated a competition that challenged more than 700 boys across Italy to win a ticket to Lucca and then enter the final eight-player stage. Just to make things more exciting, Pasti lost the semi-final, finished the group of losers and then defeated in the end the same opponent who made him eat dust.

Now he will have to keep the Italian colors high in the German final and hope to come out the winner. Meanwhile, this tournament has shown that the export can arrive on mobile devices to demonstrate how the video game is a varied activity and full of different subsets and filled by fans of all kinds.


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