Live – It's not D & # 39; Bear: show the photos of Marco Caltagirone, future wife of Pamela Prati


Still storm in marriage (or presumed such) of Pamela Prati, which still does not reveal the identity of the future groom, Marco Caltagirone.

Just these days, the ex-showgirl is making a fuss about herself because of the mystery surrounding her marriage and the identity of her partner, which does not seem to be proven in any way. But here it is Barbara D & # 39; Bear, at the opening of Live – It's Not The D-Bear, announces that he is in possession of some photos that reveal the identity of Marco Caltagirone, the businessman who will soon marry Pamela Prati. To represent the former showgirl, absent from the studio due to a physical illness, there is Eliana Michelazzo, president of the agency Aicos Management, as well as agent of the same Prati.

Overwhelmed by the questions of the evening's guests, Michelazzo lurks among answers that seem to be unfounded. From Caltagirone's birthplace to the date of the marriage, to the couple's son and the current position of the businessman, Pamela Prati's agent seems unable to provide comprehensive answers in this regard. Only one thing is certain, according to what Eliana said: the marriage will happen in a short time.

But who is this Marco Caltagirone then? An Italian businessman, head of a company known as Mark Caltagirone Holding, active in all parts of the world, including Albania, Canada and Libya. In fact, precisely in Albania, the entrepreneur would have been awarded as the best Italian architect in the region. A recognition he never received, according to what the Albanian authorities report. And a construction company that has never been operational in the area. In short, it would not only be Caltagirone's total absence in social media to raise doubts about his identity, but false news circulating on the network (not just) about him.

In order to clarify the identity of Pamela Prati's future husband, D & # 39; Bear transmits for the first time the testimony of a journalist who tried to contact him, obtaining only in return phone calls from false lawyers who would report to Caltagirone. And then the confession of Luigi Favoloso, a companion to Nina Moric, who allegedly had been contacted via Instagram by a certain Marco Caltagirone, a friend of Eliana, for a series of rather strange product exchange proposals:In 2018, an Instagram profile begins to write good messages for me. He started proposing embarrassing things to me. He said he was friends with Eliana and Angelo"For his part, Eliana Michelazzo can not do anything but shout at the plot to defend himself:"They are creating alibis. They are going against me and my partner. They are exaggerating."

But what really surprises us is, above all, Michelazzo's reaction to the photos shown by Barbara D? Bear, which would reveal the true face of Marco Caltagirone. Sent to the editorial office by someone very close to the businessman himself, the photos show a man of a certain age, charming and gray. "It's not him, but we're in that kind."La Michelazzo speaks, leaving us in doubt again. Does the future mate of Prati really exist or is it just the result of a great media movement destined to fill the boxes of the ex-showgirl?


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