live erection for Kikò Nalli, embarrassment for Tina Cipollari's ex-husband (Video)


Big Brother 16: embarrassment for Kikò Nalli

Who follows the life of Big Brother 16 he knows perfectly well that in these last days Kikò Nalli he came very close to amber. And last night the Sicilian teacher caused an embarrassing incident to Tina Cipollari's ex-husband. Let's see the details of what happened.

GF 16: Kikò Nalli had an erection

During a conversation between Amber and Kikò it seems that the teacher would have said something spicy to the popular hair stilyst. The woman's words, however, awakened the lower parts of gieffino, in a nutshell he had a erection to live.

"Raga, I'm not joking, something happened here. […] For me, you do not have to tell me these things. I'm pregnant now, I swear. I have to get out of here, I swear to you. I have to keep hiding myself … when I get closer to her I feel bad, but she tells me these things. Faces, hormones. My Jesus … "

said the husband of Tina Cipollari. The latter also apologized to all the other tenants and then took a moment under the duvetbecause he had a problem, even ironically he said he had a problem.

"Well, trust me, I do not want to show you." Professor turned around and did not look at me like that, I'd give her a zaccarata … at least a kiss, "

reported the competitor of Big Brother 2019.

Big Brother 16: the advice of Valentina Vignali al Nalli

A few moments later, however, Chicco Nalli he was very worried about the time interval, for fear of having said something improper in the early evening.

"But will it be late? Are you sure it's late? What time will it be? Le 2? Yes, my kids do not think they see. […] I'd better get out, "

said the Roman hairdresser. Then the basketball player Valentina VignaliWith his usual subtlety, he gave Nalli advice:

"Look, if you raise the covers, at night you can do everything."


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