Laura Pausini, the feelings of guilt of a career mother: "I could not go to the theater of my daughter Paola. A blow to the heart and I cried all my tears


Laura Pausini, 45, is a mom in my career and I feelings of guilt they are not lacking. The non-social singer unleashes and talks about the suffering she felt for not being able to go to the school play of Paola, her six-year-old daughter.

Laura Pausini feels guilty for not having gone to her daughter's play

Like many mothers who also work Laura Pausini I have feelings of guilt. The Italian music star wanted to share her humor with those who follow her on Instagram: "Today I want to tell you something a little personal that is often not taken into consideration by those who do a job like mine, because you always think everything is always easy and simple for us singers"begins Laura. "This morning – continues the Pausini there was my Paola's play at school. In these days of interminable trials, I was able to accompany her to the dance show and the evening meeting with all classes, but this morning I could not wake up in time. For me it was a blow to the heart and I know that even for her it was difficult not to have the mother with her ".

The post of Laura (In the photo Paola with his grandmother Gianna, the mother of Pausini)

Laura Pausini is about to leave with the summer tour with Biagio Antonacci and is very busy with the tests: "For about ten days I went to bed after 3 in the morning and last night we finished our tests later than usual, so I fell asleep at 5:30 in the morning. – says the singer – I told her that maybe I did not do it this morning, but I still put the alarm clock to try because I wanted it so much … For half an hour I could not. I felt very much in fault, because even though fortunately you know that my priority is to be your mother, today I made a mistake in accepting to work late last night ".

Laura it is a mom with me feelings of guilt. Being a successful singer is not always all pink: "This beautiful work is also very complicated for me and for her.I know that many people for work can not be present in these events of our children.In those cases, you will be able to understand how I felt this morning, crying all tears I would like to publicly thank my mombecause it helps me as many times as we need. And having a father present, even then, is a blessing … And then I would like to thank the mothers of Paola's colleagues who sent me pictures and videos. Paola is in a class of 14 wonderful kids. Thank you Manuela, Anita, Chiara and Claudia ".

Finally the singer also thanks Biagio Antonacci who wrote her beautiful things and helped her to feel more serene. And then he adds: "Tonight Paola will take her to rehearsals with me".

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