Labor Day, five thousand to find a job in Esselunga – Cronaca


Florence, April 2, 2019 – The unemployment rate falls to 10.7%, says Istat, and it is not the young people who suffer the most, but those between the ages of 35 and 49. Men and women are already adults, often parents, with precarious or poorly paid jobs. There were many yesterdayHotel Mediterraneo, seek a more stable and remunerated job in Work day in Esselunga, two days of selections organized by the large retail company to find staff to be included in the Florentine and Tuscan stores.

More than 5,000 candidates responded to the announcement, about 600 were invited to Labor Day, and those who pass the interview will have to support another at Esselunga's headquarters in Osmannoro. "Having received 5,000 registrations, we made a first selection," explains Daniele Del Gobbo, head of the selection department, "only on the basis of the candidate's educational qualification and geographical position." Instead, during the interviews held on Labor Day, so-called "soft skills" (characteristics of personality, qualities, attitudes and social and communicative skills, ed).

"To become a part of our company – it emphasizes Of Gobbo – It is not important to have experience, because we train the staff, within the department, supporting new hires with experienced staff. Instead, it is imperative – adds the manager – to have passion for the customer. To work in a supermarket, it is essential to be patient and have the ability to manage the most difficult customers. "

Yesterday, the majority of candidates from the Florentine region, between 20 and 46 years of age, with precarious or unemployed employment appeared. People with so many dreams, but who, in order to achieve them, must start from the bottom: decent work. This is what Alberto Cuccurullo, 23, is looking for, which expired the contract with the competitor of Esselunga. "I already have experience in the field and I really hope to be hired. I ask for nothing more than to find a stable job and live a quiet life." Simone Bozzolini is also unemployed from Tavarnuzze. He left the interview he had just had with his face finally relaxed and a hope in his eyes: "It was a new experience, different from the others, the presentation that was made of the company was very clear. to find a job that was not only stable, but of quality. "

They are not just graduates. "Ilaria Zuliani, a 32-year-old graduate student in childhood science, a light-year study in the retail world:" But while I was at university – he says – I've always worked in the restaurant business and I'm still very precarious and I hope to find a more lasting contract here. "


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