Kikò and Ambra, new attack in the afternoon 5: he loses his patience


Kikò Nalli and Ambra Lombardo met in the famous Cinecittà house, but the teacher's departure did not allow them to become more concrete between them. However, the Sicilian had the opportunity to come to terms with her own feelings and in the end she understood to try something very strong for the hairdresser. During the semifinal of Big Brother, Tina Cipollari's ex-husband was eliminated and managed to embrace the ex-gieffina, who during the last few weeks never stopped supporting him.

The two are officially a couple; They confirmed that they were away from the Cinecittà house, away from the cameras that for weeks examined their strong signs of attraction. After the elimination of Nalli, the couple was the guest of Pomeriggio 5. In the television room of Barbara D & G, Kikò kept us explaining the reason that would cause his son Francesco to criticize Ambra. (Continue reading after the photo)

"I'm still a bit stunned. I'm sleeping at home with my kids these days." My son told me that when he published these stories, he took 40,000 followers, do you know what he told me? " I published this thing, got 40,000 followers. But who cares about you, I have followers. " He is very nice. I had said that, I can talk to them, they know who the father is and things have calmed down. "In short, Kiko's new girlfriend was adopted by her children and now they are a regular couple in everyday life.

The two were invited by Pomeriggio Cinque to talk about their relationship and Barbara D "Bear exhibited a clip with Cristiano Malgioglio pulling a javelin. "Well, it's a love of photo stories, a love that will last two or three months, those summer loves. […] If it lasts, I am happy, but since it does not last … "In the same report, there were the declarations of the two interested parties: Kikò admitted that he was in love:" From 1 to 100? 110. Seems the right person, even if only I know it. " (Continue reading after the photo)

"Can I make an observation?" Said Ambra. "This is a living room where we are talking about couples or pseudo-couples in the house." I wondered if each of them would have had the courage to wait like we did and then really we become a couple. "To make Kiko lose his temper Riccardo Signoretti, director of Nuovo, always thought of his comment by the commentators. (Continue reading after the photo)

"Each couple, the birth of their love, lives as a story in itself. It is not that one can give lessons to others, we are right and others are wrong. is here on television to appear. "Kiko was furious," If I want to attack, whether you're there or not because I'm not afraid. – said the director of Nuovo – Do not use those menacing tones. I told you about Amber, not you, "said the director." You're talking to my wife and I defend her, "Kikò immediately replied, letting the audience applaud.

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