Juve, since Ramsey? 4 goals and 6 assists at Premier


Aaron Ramsey rejoices after the goal from 1 to 0. ap

Aaron Ramsey rejoices after the goal from 1 to 0. ap

The boy from Caerphilly, Wales, promised to the Lady. But in the meantime, he does not betray the Gunners. That's because Aaron Ramsey, 28, is a true pro. Although in February he has already decided to expire and move to Juventus from July on a free transfer for 4 years until the lottery to bring Arsenal into the Champions League and ahead in the Europa League (Napoli rival in the quarterfinals, was on April 11). Tonight against Newcastle by Rafa Benitez scored the lead in half an hour, exchanging first with the French Lacazette and then scoring a low left shot behind the Slovak Dubravka: ball hitting the base of the right post and entering.

4 goals and 6 assists
A seal in a superb performance (then closed at 2-0 thanks to the final network of Lacazette). Two minutes before the goal he tried to hit. And in the 13 minutes he had already placed, but referee Anthony Taylor had seen a foul. This is Newcastle's fourth season of the season, as well as six assists that make him Arsenal's second specialist in the category behind Lacazette, with whom he has established a wonderful understanding.

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