Juve is close to another Ronaldo, the best in the world. Rabbi's risk: these disturbing behaviors. Sarri's smart move. Icardi always live suggestion, but there is another Argentinian for the commander


Juventus would be speeding to take De Ligt to Turin. Massimo Pavan spoke of this, always attentive to the things of Juventus, and Gianluca Di Marzio talked about it. Pavel Nedved's trip to Monte Carlo by Mino Raiola would have given considerable impetus to the negotiation. With Juventus, this would have exceeded both Barcelona (to which it seemed destined) and the rich Psg to the talented Dutchman.

It would deal with the cost of the card, which should range between 60 and 70 million according to Sky, the numbers differ in the engagement. But the discrepancy could take into account the commissions by Raiola. It would be evaluating the duration of the contract and a termination clause of 150 million: seasonally upgradable season.

If you arrive, De Ligt will be a big hit. Comparable, although in a different role, for what Juve scored last season with Ronaldo.

De Ligt is a 1999 class: Ajax captain and owner of his national team. As a defender, he has everything: contrast, good speed, header, sense of goal, a precise pitch. I consider today the best center in the world. If he arrives, the Juventus defense with Bonucci, Chiellini, Rugani and Demiral is in place. I imagine that, if he arrives, sign at least a four-year term, perhaps a five-year term: then he would see himself. Raiola is an insightful promoter: after a few seasons he moves the players he controls to make big commissions.

So it was for Paul Pogba that today, after three years in Manchester, he could return to Juventus.

You know how I feel: Pogba would be the best for midfield. But De Ligt, in my opinion, is more indispensable than a medium or half-wing.

For this role, Juventus is dealing with Rabiot. Whose brand is "at zero" but whose cost would still be significant: initial 10 million for the mother lawyer, another 35 for a period of five years (proposed, it seems) to 7 million a year. A good amount, disgusting.

Rabiot is technically a valid player. But it is fickle. And the "legend" that concerns him no doubt leaves him. When Walter Sabatini was treating him in Rome years before, before signing Madame Veronique, he asked to speak with the coach (Garcia) to reassure himself about the use of his son. Negotiation ignored.

In Barcelona, ​​a company that after "breaking up" with PSG (due to non-renewal) seemed destined, they speak of an evaporated agreement to the player's claim to be hired by half or half-wing, but not as a director.

Urban legends? Can be. Certainly the player refused to be included in the French team's B-list before the world championships in Russia, knocking on the door for Didier Deschamp, guilty of not having entered, in the A. Rabiot has not played for months and does not seem an easy profile for to manage. It is true that talent is not lacking. It is true that, after Ramsey, would be the second "blow" in the midfield in a free transfer, for a Juventus who wants to renew itself. It is also true that the player has some risk on the card.

Maurizio Sarri did well to visit Cristiano Ronaldo? Is the new Juventus coach good at getting in touch with the most important players on the team, confronting them before they start working?

It's great for me. This shows pragmatism and also a certain humility on Sarri's part in listening. Could this move upset players who will not be interviewed? I do not think like that. Players may have a huge ego (and this does not happen as it is known only among soccer players), but each of them, I imagine, is also aware of its own limits. They know that they are not all "alike". And that some of them count more. That your thoughts "weigh" more.

So: good Sarri. Especially if there is a constructive comparison. Sarri knows that the "time" of Juventus will "press" him. Deciding to play early, continuing work before the official retirement day, seems like a smart move.

For the attack, Icardi's suggestion continues to spin. A player who can not serve if – as it seems – Sarri will point decisively to the recovery of Dybala with the possibility of playing in pairs with Ronaldo.

The difficulties that Paratici is finding for Federico Chiesa, could deliver the right wing to Bernardeschi (I personally would like to see him mezz? Ala) and to Costa. With no more economic spending on an industry than at the moment beyond Bern, Coast and the offensive Midfield Squad, see Mandzukic, Kean and (probably) Higuain in pink. Some will be sold: it is not said that they will be replaced.


I spend a personal thought. My Reyer, Umana Reyer (champion of Brugnaro, mayor of the city), the Venice basketball team, is Italian champion, at the end of seven races with Sassari and an exhaustive series of playoffs. It is the fourth championship in its history. The second in three years. It's an incredible thrill for those who like me in Misericordia, in the basilica of decòscia, where Reyer played once, played in the school tournament. A great thrill. Emotion.


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